When All Projects Canceled Johnny, Why Does Dior Keep Him
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Despite all the negative images after Amber Heard’s accusation, Johnny Depp is still the face of Dior Sauvage! But, why?

“I acknowledge the fact I was the old craggy fogey and she was this beautiful creature,” said Johnny Depp modestly on the third-day testimony against his ex-wife Amber Heard. It sounds very disingenuous to say from a man who has a reputation as one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood. His image might hit the skid, but he is still earning millions from ads for Christian Dior’s Sauvage Fragrance.

As the Independent article said, Christian Dior is acting as a proxy for the idealized loyal wife. They are not only putting his “old, craggy fogey” on billboards, glossies, and TV screens but also helping to boost his reputation as a noble and wild man with a “smooth animal charm” persona.

Dior’s description says it all in their Sauvage advertisement. Blimey told via Independent, in an ancient legend, wolves are believed as gods while men let their animal instinct to talk. As men let their animal instinct to talk, their intelligence will vanish and they become one with the desert.

To explain more the embodiment of wild and animalistic glamour, Johnny Depp in the ads was shown surrounded by the wolves, and alongside a howling wolf. He was barechested playing guitar in the middle of the desert. This sounds like an old-style advertisement, but Dior successfully creates a public persona for Depp that he embodies the spirit of the Sauvage fragrance: wild and animalistic, but honest, authentic, and noble.

In this case, people might think the embodiment of wild and animalistic shows a poor taste when we connect it with the Amber Heard case. However, there are two benefits here.

First, Dior is always smart. When celebrities are hit by the cancel culture, or criticized for their behavior or comments, Dior always recognizes that as a chance to drive more sales.

So, is it the same with Johnny Depp? It is. In the long libel case against the ex-wife against The Sun last 2020 for branding him as a “wife-beater” which the defendant won and had proved their allegations true, Dior didn’t ditch Depp. Instead, they made a new ad. After that, was Dior canceled? No! Were Sauvage’s sales low? No. The sales of the fragrance showed an increase.

Besides, we see the hashtag #justiceforJohnny has been active since the allegation between Depp and Heard started. This shows the strength of the fans and beside that they thank Dior for giving Depp a big chance.

In the courtroom, Depp clearly stated that he had played for his fanbase support. He doesn’t want his fanbase to think he is a fraud.

Johnny Depp Love Story with Amber Heard

The two people met while working on The Rum Diaries (2009) which is adapted from Hunter S Thompson’s Novel. At that time, Depp has a longtime partner, Vanesa Paradis and they shared two children Lily-Rose and John Christoper. They decided to split in 2012. In 2014, Depp and Amber Heard started dating and soon they got engaged. Not far from the engagement, the couple decided to get married in 2015, and soon after 15 months, Heard filed for a divorce.

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