What Your Car Tells About Your Personalities
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For some people, a car is simply a means of transportation that gets them around but for some other it is more about reflection of their character and personalities.

That’s why some people are happily driving the bettered car with many plates hanging off while others are busy to ensure that their car is in a good condition for their mobility needs. But, have you ever thought about what the car tells about you?

What Your Car Tells About Your Personalities
Credit by Medium

According to Chris Pollitt, the head of editorial at Car and Classic, your car reveals your character and personalities simply from the colors to the accessories you choose.


Note, purchasing a silver or white car is a good idea when your goal is to resell the car. But why are you taking the next owner’s color? In fact, dull colors make you dull, too. A silver car is easy to sell on but it is not a nice color for car.

It’s about your car and your money. Live lively. If you want a red, green, blue or even a yellow car, buy it. Bright cars are for bright character and personalities.


A modified car is highly subjective. Some modifications on a car might fire up while leaving everyone else with his questioning look on the face. Affordable mods, stickers and stupid finish of 1,0 cars and body bits are all rubbish. Just put stickers and neon lights on it and no one will speak to you.

Take a simple modification include stickers and neon lights. Absolutely, none will try to stop and talk to you.


You may have had a special brand in the family for the past few years. You may have seen it well and someone may also tell about you yet they don’t know everything about cars. Feel lucky as the new car you purchase will make you go fine without such bad things.

Whichever car you will buy, you’ll just be fine and feel good from the driver’s seat to other parts you feel about. However, if you go out of the box to purchase a Honda Jazz, which is a perfect car, nobody will invite you to go having a party.

On the other hand, purchasing a classic Mercedes-Benz or even a 1980s BMW 3 series or a Ford Focus, it will be a different story.


You can say lots about a person from his car condition. Keep your car looking nice is important to show your character then. Most supermarket provides a car wash and every high street even seems offering a hand wash.

Wash your car, keep it shiny. It shows you’re a careful person.


There is nothing to feel confuse with any modifications. Mods, though they are questionable, are for people who are into the vehicle. Most people think that accessories are cute. They means different instead.

Car eyelashes are punishable. Amusing slogan on stickers like ‘sorry I am slow’, ‘black box fitted’, ‘extra badges’ and numbers are all just automotive sins. They’ll say you are comical.

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