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Luxury furniture is always having a distinct market. But, even with big wallet customers in line, the luxury furniture store West Elm still facing some crises. And surprisingly, one of the affected branches is the one in Reno. The company closed on April 15, 2022, with its goodbye sales. But the company still reigns with its exciting future collab. 

The Closing Of West Elm In Reno Is A Surprise 

The rather fancy-looking furniture store in Downtown Reno, West Elm is closing with a huge bang. Nearly dozens of people have crowded the place to hunt the closing sales on Friday afternoon. It was rather a shock, since no indication and information about the closing plan from the company. People and media only found out the fact from the massive going out of business sales. 

Luxury furniture store West Elm (credit
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The lack of information on the retailer’s closing time was also proven by the employee. According to RGJ Friday, the company has instructed the West Elm employee to not speak a word to the media about the store closing. There is also no information from the higher people on the luxury furniture store West Elm, which make the closing rather shocking for everyone. 

Generally, West Elm has a pretty long history with Reno. The company’s first Reno branch was established in August 2016, bringing more people to the town. It was also a huge shout-out since the west Elm resides on 50 S. Virginia St, which is a place of former Main U.S Post office building. The luxury company revitalize the heralded landmark and make a huge statement.  

The Closing Sales Attract With Huge Crowd 

West Elm closing comes with a massive closing business sale, which comes with the all-caps signs of Store Closing. It also followed with all sales final and 40% off printed red letters to pick the last customer. As sad as it is, the luxury furniture store West Elm attracts a bigger crowd. Varying items are splayed across the room, and some yellow notes are also stated sold on larger furniture. 

West Elm Has Collab With Bole Road Is Another Seed Of Hope

While indeed it is hard breaking, the American design and furniture company has settled a great collab with Bole Road textile. In this collab, some sets of home and décor collections. The concept includes items such as bed runners, rugs, and pillows with the Pan-African coast concept. 

Those unique Pan-African designs will feature bright hues and bold patterns, which resemble the beautiful traditional Ethiopian hand-woven model. The designer of Bole road textiles mentioned that the several forms of weaving made by African designers have inspired her to make the product. The Ethiopian collection from luxury furniture store West Elm and Bole Road textile is available online.  

Reno branch is not the end of the retailer. West Elm has stayed strong for the last five years in Downtown Reno. While it eventually closed in April 2022, the company has stated a better future with the Bole Road Textile collab. The new move is planned to come with a set of new luxurious collections.  

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