Vietnamese Carmaker Targets N Carolina
Credit by AP News

RALEIGHI, NORTH CAROLINA – A Vietnamese carmaker announced plans on Tuesday that he will build a place in North Carolina to produce electric vehicles. The plans are said to bring 7,500 jobs and ending the state’s streak for landing carmaker.

The first North American Plant will be built by VinFast in Chatham Country southwest of Raleigh, with an expectation that the production will start in 2024. VinFast expects to employ 7,500 by 2027 along with the average salaries of $51,000. That is based on the state Commerce Department.

Vietnamese Carmaker Targets N Carolina
Credit by AP News

According to Gov. Roy Cooper, the transformative project by VinFast will offer many good job position to the state along with the good effect of having healthier environment as electric vehicles help reduce the greenhouse gas emission.

$4 billion is expected to be invested by the company in building the plant on almost 800-hectare site which is about a 30-minute drive southwest of Raleigh. Based on the plan, the plant is expected to produce 150,000 electric cars per year. The state has agreed to make use of job developments grants to refund $316 million for over 32 years if it hits the investment goals. The other government plan is providing as much as $450 million for preparing the site, road improvements and other infrastructure projects.

The state Commerce Department released that the companies took the site into account in 12 states before narrowing its journey to North Carolina and to a site in Savannah, Georgia. About the choice, the workforce, site preparation and incentives were the crucial and key factors.

The United Auto Workers union plans to manage workers at the new VinFast plant and other factories producing electric cars and batteries located in Southern states, said union President Ray Curry on Tuesday. Curry informed the Automotive Press Association in Detroit that the union has provided fund to start managing the efforts.

The union, this way, has been in North Carolina.

The Union Auto Workers (UAW) will take efforts to manage Ford and General Motors battery plants both in Kentucky and Tennessee and electric vehicle startup Rivian as well as factories run by Tesla. Both have already had plants that were signified by the union under the former owner. Depending on the duration, the campaigns could spend 10 million dollars.

Building a car manufacturing plant is described as a major accomplishment for Cooper, the legislative leaders and economic recruiters succeeding a series of displeasure stretching back decades.

In the early 1990s, North Carolina went out to South Carolina for BMW’s first full-service workshop outside of Germany, then to Alabama at a later time. The factory in Alabama landed Mercedes-Benz’s SUV plant.

In December this year Toyota comes out to build a $1.3 billion battery plant close to Greensborro that will employ at least 1,750 people and helps the automaker’s plans to significantly increase the sales of electric vehicle in the U.S.

VinFast is a part of Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup that provides capital to expand sales of electric vehicles to the U.S and Europe eventually. The company already sold vehicles designed with internal combustion engines and electric powertrains in Vietnam. 

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