US Supports Sending Seized Russian Assets to Ukraine
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WASHINNGTON (Lifeofrubin) – On Tuesday, Attorney General Merrick Garland said the Biden Administration is set to question Congress for legislative changes that lead to an easier administration for the U.S Justice Department to take hold of Russian oligarch assets and send some parts of money to Ukraine.

When being asked by the members of Senate Appropriations Subcommittee about whether The Justice Department needed any extra authorities to target Russian oligarchs purposed to the Kremlin, Garland told, “We’ve been very carefully examining that question, and I expect that there will be requests for legislative changes.”

Garland also said that the probability of picking out money of the forfeiture fund that is collected and send it to Ukraine is aimed to do the forfeiture easier.

Asset forfeiture is a court-authorized legal scheduled that allows the government to take over the illegal used of property gained from the illegal activity to support a crime. Properties and other assets of wealthy associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin are put into the department’s Assets Forfeiture Fund. The profits are typically utilized for investigative purposes, asset forfeiture operations and other expenses.

In this regards, Garland state that the administration would support the permission for Russian assets related to forfeiture to “go directly to Ukraine.”

The U.S proposal comes within the ‘growing calls’ for the Biden Administration to liquidate and transfer the seized Russian assets to Ukraine. Some legal experts suggest that Biden own an authority to act under a 1977 statue.

Unfortunately, the spokesperson at the Justice Department and the White House didn’t give any response to the questions about the proposal. Last month, the Justice Department arranged task Force KleptoCapture to help give sanctions against the Russian government oligarchs and officials, desiring to target their yachts, real estate, jest and other assets.

The goal was to pressure Putin to stop his devastating invasion of Ukraine by targeting his closest associates who have already fought a wide-ranging U.S and international sanctions since the Ukraine’s war was started.

“Seize and freeze” Russian oligarch assets is a part of effort taken in addition to the outfit known as REPO created by the Justice and Treasury departments. REPO stands for Russian Elite Proxies and Oligarchs. This way, Garland commented that International cooperation enforcing the sanctions against Russia has been heartwarming.

Earlier this month, the Justice Department said its first appropriation was $90 million, 77-meter luxury yacht owned by Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg that the Washington’s request was controlled by the Spanish law. Velksberg is one of the 50 Russians identified by the Treasury Department as priorities for U.S sanction enforcement.

Garland said, they will do everything possible to organize the accountable any individual whose criminal acts allows the Russian government to go on its unjust war.

In his testimony on Tuesday, Garland destined Russia’s war in Ukraine saying that the terrible atrocities seen in videos and photos from the country are the kinds of things that everyone is growing up in the 20th century, never wanted to be seen again in 21st century.

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