The Envelop Incident Olivia Wilde Blames Her Engagement Rumour on Harry Styles
Credit by: The Sun

Following the incident of custody paper, Olivia Wilde seems to blame her engagement rumor with Harry Styles. Previously, the Harry Style’s girlfriend was said to feel “humiliated” after being served the custody papers on stage by his ex.

The actress’s relationship with Jason Sudeikis never went to the marriage. They both have two children, Otis and Daisy. During her discussion about the new thriller “Don’t Worry Darling”, which will be released on September 23, she was interrupted by a mysterious courier.

“This is for me?” Said Olivia.

As she opened the document, she looked flustered in front of the fans knowing the document is “Personal and Confidential”.

However, a source close to Jason who is Olivia’s partner from 2011 to 2020 said he didn’t know that the paper would be served at the Las Vegas movie convention CinemaCon.

According to The Sun, a source said that Mr. Sudeikis had no knowledge about the time or place the envelope would have been delivered. He confirmed that the process would be up to the company.

Meanwhile, CinemaCon boss, Mitch Neuhauser explained to the US news website, Deadline that they never had a history of a convention and had an incident where a delegate had approached the stage who had not been authorized to be there. Further, the CinemaCon would re-evaluate the security.

A source close to Olivia confirmed Olivia was furious that she wanted to focus on the film she worked on, not her personal life. She also had no idea why this happened but she suspected this could be from the rumors that she is engaged to Harry.

The Envelop Incident Olivia Wilde Blames Her Engagement Rumour on Harry Styles
Credit by: The Sun

The couple has been dating since 2021 and they both met on the set of the film which Olivia directed alone.

Olivia reportedly separated from Jason in late 2020 and these recent weeks the rumors have swirled that Olivia and his boyfriend are engaged.

According to onlookers, Olivia seems to think that she was handed down something by her fan so she said “This is for me?” And then she read the first page of the document before carrying on the presentation.

Around two weeks ago, Harry surprisingly made a rare comment about Olivia that he dedicated his song Golden to her. He made the rare comment on stage at Coachella.

Besides, Harry also seemed referred the relationship in his song “As It Was” singing: “Leave America, two kids, follow her / I don’t wanna talk about who’s doing it first.”

Olivia was repeatedly asked to comment about it.

Meanwhile, Jason Sudeikis also gave statements through Los Angeles Times stating that he wasn’t pleased with the public spectacle. The “Ted Lasso” star responded that the papers were drawn up to establish jurisdiction relating to the children of Ms. Wilde and Mr. Sudeikis.

“Mr. Sudeikis had no prior knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would have been delivered as this would solely be up to the process service company involved and he would never condone her being served in such an inappropriate manner.”

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