Tesla Flies Down Street Uncontrollably at 70 MPH,
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Elon Musk made his dream come true of wanting Tesla to fly, he saw it last year, roughly in infinity in Tesla ideation time. At first, the upcoming Roadster was expected to be a cold thruster, if we were being as princely as possible, improbable and a long way off. But Tesla couldn’t be stopped at the current day to unintentionally fly. In Columbus, Ohio, Tesla’s driver brought to fly high and terrible, caught on camera, before it landed on the inside of the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Perhaps, the “overwhelming crash” is far more accurate than “landing”. The incident of flying Tesla did occur like Elon Mush was dreaming of to see the car flying.

The cameras at the convention center was recording the incident videotape and obtaining through a public records. The Columbus Dispatch also made it to a report of incident details – not very detail though. The driver claims the 2020 Tesla Model S would not discontinue when exiting from the highway SR-315 and drove at around 70 mph before rolling along at an intersection and flying into the building. The Model S ran a red light, devastated a planter, jumped three stairs and navigated through some giant windows in a dirt spray, glass and total terror.

A well-positioned fisheye camera inside the building records the incident aftermath. The Tesla, no longer airborne but almost slowed by the glass shoots from the right side. A support pole catches the Tesla, leading it to spin about 180 degrees, obliterating the facade end but also arresting its later progress into the building. No one both outside and inside the building were colliding with each other. The Columbus Dispatch notices that there were some events along with lots of people inside the building, so, it was probable that the outcome could have been worse if the pol hadn’t stop the car. There was no information about the driver in any of the reports, but serious injuries were reported. Fortunately, everything is save in the building.

This incident causes the repair around $300,000 for the building anyway. And it leads to involve the company’s Autopilot driver assistance system while NTSB initially witness the crash. According to the report by Dispatch, Tesla was not predicted to use Autopilot. NTSB also didn’t meet the local people to ask or receive the “black box”. There is nothing investigated later.

At the time asked by the Dispatch, the NTSB refused to give explanation or clarification why it made the decision and decided not to make a further investigation. Therefore, we cannot get the details why such incident might occur, what caused it to fly high into the building and whether the driver could or couldn’t take controlling system for prevention.

The report was written to explain only the details about the incidents, not the possible causes whether it was about the driver’s negligence or about the vehicle’s fatality design. No further investigation made.

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