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Car technology has gone far and beyond. It started with a manual transmission, slow machines, auto gear, EV, and eventually smart car generation. The new technology of self-driving cars shows an impending shenanigan on the roads. But surprisingly enough, the updated highway code finally allows the rider to watch tv in self-driving cars. 

What Are The Changes And The Qualification? 

Based on bbc.com news, the new updated code gives a new change and permission for self-driving cars technologies. Drivers are now allowed to watch television from the on-built in screen.  The fun and less chaotic permission take part under proposed updates, and the old laws still take place. 

The code requirement still highlights that the driver needs and must be ready to take back control of the car when needed. It is still the same with the old law since the fully autonomous vehicle’s features are yet perfect. Not only that, but the government also mentions that the vehicles need to travel at a slow speed. It is especially vital on motorways and jammed traffic.  

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Some other essential highway codes, including the illegal law of using mobile phones, did not get any changes. It is said that the planned updates are expected to hit the road over the summer. In this case, the new updates also follow public consultation of the implementation of early and full adoption of technology. 

The consultation pinpointed that the possibility of support and a full regulatory framework will be implemented by 2025. It follows the no-self-driving cars law allowed on UK roads. DfT or Department for Transportation said that the capability and permission might be ready later in 2022.  

Talking about the self or automatic driving feature, the DfT said that the features will not be responsible for any possible crash and impact. Instead, the responsibility will be liable for claims with the help of insurance companies. It means that every claim under the highway code and the features will be fully taken care of by companies.  

The Self-driving car technologies 

Considering the demand and the fast development of car technologies, it is safe to say that the highway law and codes will eventually get more updates. The technology is only permitted to be used during congested traffic, based on April 2021 innocent. With the tech, the car can cruise in a single lane with a steady 60kmph or 37 mph. 

However, the new guidance also pinpoint that drivers need to take control whenever needed. This technology is also considered assistive, which means the driver should have control. Car safety experts describe that the feature can improve road safety across Britain. Again, there is still no comparable system that improves the watching with self-driving permission for highway code. 

Considering the hype and the increase of electric vehicles with self-driving features, it’s hard to limit driving shenanigans. At the first boom of Tesla and its fully-autonomous feature, people are doing bizarre things inside, including sleeping to eating. While the new highway code did not change the fact of shenanigans, it pinpoints the importance of driver readiness to take back control. 

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