Rebel Wilson Was Not The “Cool Kid” In The High School
Credit by: Daily Mail

There is a story behind Rebel Wilson’s popularity. As she opened up about her past life in high school days, she revealed that she was unpopular until she needed to read a self-help book so she knew how to make friends.

The “Pitch Perfect” star in her statement to Extra stated she was “really unpopular”. During the first of high school, she just sat in the library at lunch, all by herself every day.

But thanks to a book called “How to win friends and influence people”, Rebel finally gained confidence and reached her mission to become popular.

Back in 2020, Rebel shared a picture of herself a long time before she pursued her legal degree at university, Rebel shared a picture of her high school musical group which she played barrister.

Rebel Wilson Was Not The “Cool Kid” In The High School
Credit by: Daily Mail

In the caption, Rebel thank her friend for sharing the old high school picture and said:

“The last one (photo) cracks me up so hard – I was GANGSTA AF (as f**k) at year eight camp. PS shout out to all the cool chicks I went to school with (and the nice Kings boys [The King’s College]… our musicals were lit) – total legends.”

Everyone maybe never thought Rebel could reach this far. Now she is a famous comedic artist. Who doesn’t know her, right?

Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Journey

Back then, we know Rebel Wilson more as “Fat Amy” in “Pitch Perfect” in which she plays a funny fat girl who could sing and decided to join an acapella group. Recently, we see the blonde star has lost more than 35 kg in the last 18 months. She looks stunning and incredible in the chic pink dress.

In the pink dress, she showed up her slender midsection by cinching the frock in at the waist. Her appearance looks amazing as she matched her dress with Valentino candy-colored belt.

Rebel Wilson Was Not The “Cool Kid” In The High School
Credit by: Daily Mail

Even though everyone looks happy with her weight loss, some people believed she was using the Mayr Method diet plan which her weight loss strategy was developed by Dr. Frans Xaver Mayr, an Austrian physician.

As a clarification, Rebel distanced herself from this method and stated it on Instagram last April by telling her 10.6 million followers that Mayr Method had never been her diet.

Mayr’s method works by eliminating certain food such as reducing sugar and encouraging certain eating practices, for instance chewing food thoroughly.

The rumor about Rebel using the Mayr method was coming from People magazine with a source close to the actress. The article that was published last June 2020 claimed that Rabel had seen an amazing result since using this method during her stay in the VivaMayr wellness center located in Austria. After that, the news keeps repeating such as the food website, Mashed published a content saying she followed the diet. However, Rebel didn’t correct it until April 18 when Daily Mail Australia ran a story about her dramatic weight loss.

Rebel on her statement denying she used the Mayr Method diet, but she did spend time at the wellness center that uses Dr. Mayr’s techniques which perhaps leads to confusion.

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