Kelsey Parker Shared Beautiful Moment Before Tom Parker’s Death
Credit by: The Mirror

The Wanted star Tom Parker passed away at the age of 33 after being diagnosed with brain cancer. The singer openly talked about his disease to fans in October 2020. Meanwhile, his wife Kelsey Parker has opened up about the moment she shared with Tom before his death.

The 32 years old recalled it as the most “beautiful until the end” and claimed that Tom wasn’t in any pain. Tom left his wife with two children after 18 months of being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Speaking to The Sun, the mother of two told that the last moment she had with Tom was very beautiful with just two of them in the room.

“It was still beautiful until the very end. It was just us and there was so much love in that room.”

While in tears, she continued explaining Tom’s final goodbye. She got into bed with him for around two hours just spending time together. She further explained that she didn’t want anyone to come in and she needed time only with Tom together to talk.

Even though the final goodbye was very sad for her, Kelsey described it as “romantic”, just like Tom as she described, “so romantic, loving and caring”.

The last conversation between Kelsey and Tom was very heartbreaking. Kelsey convinced her husband that she would be OK with their kids. And she told him that everything Tom wanted the kids to know and had been taught to her would be passed down to their kids.

“I said, ‘You know Tom, I will be OK, the kids will be OK. I will make sure that everything you want them to know, the things that you’ve taught me over the years, I promise to teach them it all”

Later, Tom understands that his family will be OK and then he took off the wedding ring and put it on his wife’s finger.

Kelsey Parker Shared Beautiful Moment Before Tom Parker’s Death
Credit by: The Sun

Recently, Kelsey shared a heartbreaking picture showing the daughter Aurelia holding a feather. This feather has a meaning for Kelsey. As she shared via The Sun, after her husband passed away, she went outside. She was sitting on the bench (the bench she was interviewed with), crying. As she looked up, she saw a feather fall from the sky.

Kelsey told Tom before he passed away that her husband will give her signs every day and he said “Yes”. The feather emblems him. After that, Kelsey kept that feather and placed it in a little glass pot on her dressing table.

Difficulties To Explain to The Kids That Tom Has Passed Away

There is a bitter truth after Tom’s death, explaining it to the kids. Kelsey admits it is the toughest job she would have to do with her babies Aurelia and 18 months old Bodhi.

According to her, Aurelia had been very confused when Tom should have gone to the hospice. Kelsey seems to know the best way to explain to the kids during difficult times. For instance, she told her kids that she went to the hospice to see if their father was OK and make sure the angels come and take him.

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