iphone unlock code
iphone unlock code

iPhone is designed with packed full of smart features – but their users are not obviously recognizing. Now we reveal the best and hidden ones, including the secret iPhone codes.

iPhone Copy and Paste Hidden Feature

Everyone that uses iPhone knows it is sometimes frustrating to copy and paste on iPhone. But there is a hidden feature that makes it simple. Yes, simply, it works if you use pinch and finger-spread gestures.

iphone unlock code
iphone unlock code

First, highlight the text you are willing to copy and pinch three of your fingers together on your iPhone display. This will copy the text. Later, perform the opposite gesture by spreading thread fingers outwards. This will paste the text you have copied. Luckily, this trick also works on images.

If you open your photos app on iPhone, simply perform paste the image into another app, and the image will be quickly moved into WhatsApp or Messages. For text, add an extra pinch and it will transform your Copy into a Cut. That means the text will be deleted rather than simply copied.

Secret iPhone Codes

iPhone is designed with the accessible numerous useful features, one of which is secret codes. Some of the best secret iPhone codes include:

  • *#06# – IMEI number
  • *3001#12345#* – signal info
  • *61* – divert incoming call (add the number you want the calls to be diverted to then add hash)
  • *67 (or #31# outside US) – hide caller ID
  • *646# – minutes left on contract
  • *33* then PIN then hash – prevent outgoing calls
  • *43# – enable call waiting
  • #43# – disable call waiting

iPhone Camera Zoom

Zooming can be generally done by spreading or pinching your fingers. But the trick can be done though you are recording on an iPhone at that time. And, it can often provide you with a nervy zoom that doesn’t look good in a final footage. Well, there is always a better way.

First, open up your camera. Press and hold on the shutter button to start recording the video. Then, drag your finger up and down the screen to simply zoom in or out. This leads you to be able to create ultra-smooth zooms with one hand only.

Move Multiple iPhone Apps At Once

Move Multiple iPhone Apps At Once
Credit by IphoneHacks

If you have ever moved an app of iPhone around, you should know it can be a pain. You need to long press to make the app icon twist, then, drag the apps from one page to another at one time. But this is not the only way to perform it.

Instead, there is a smart hack to make it done faster. First, the app you would like to move must be held until it twists. That is the way of Apple gives you a signal that an app is ready to move. Then, use your finger to slip the app from its slot to hover between the rows. While you are still holding the first app, use your second finger to tap on the other app. This is aimed to add the second app to the stack in order to stack them together.

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