IEEE Computer Society Report 2022
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In 2014, twenty three game-changing technologies were identified while the landscape were surveyed by a team of nine technologists with President Dejan Milojicic and IEEE Computer Society to find their biggest impact on our world by 2022.

Read the report as follows to see the prediction accuracy.

The Biggest Innovations 2022: Tech Trends

IEEE Computer Society Report 2022
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Estimating the future is challenging and risky. In the computing industry, it is even harder and riskier as the technology dramatic changes and unlimited challenges in innovating. There is only small fraction of innovations that truly interrupt the state of art.

Some innovation are neither cost-effective nor practical while some others simply have no market. There are large number of examples of superior technologies that no one adopted as the other innovations appear on time or far better in the market. Thus, this article is written only to provide a better understanding where the technologies are going.

In 2014, a team of technical leaders from Computer Society were involved in forces to write a technical report entitled IEEE CS 2022. They conducted a survey to 23 technologies that could possibly change the computer science landscape and industry by 2022. In particular, this survey focused on 3D printing, open intellectual property movement, big data and analytics, online courses open massively, universal memory, security cross-cutting issues, 3D integrated circuits, photonics, cloud computing, the internet of things and many more.

The Future Of Tech by 2022

There are lots of technology products that people can utilize in 2022.

  • Security cross-cutting issues that deal with how people are able to balance the security and privacy in this digital environment.
  • Open intellectual property movement that includes open sources software and standards as well as open-access publishing.
  • Sustainability about the things that increase the use of renewable combat and rise energy use.
  • Massively online open courses to see how significant the courses will give an impact.
  • Device and nanotechnologies dealing with the use of applications nowadays.
  • 3D integrated circuits that deal with the IT products.
  • Universal memory replacement for DRAM that will cause a tectonic shift in software and architecture.
  • Multicore that ranges from wearable systems and smartphones, cameras, games to automobiles, cloud servers and exa-scale supercomputers.
  • High-performance computing along with the cloud computing.
  • Etc. that we cannot mention all.

Tech Innovations Driven By Intelligence in 2022

The tech innovations in 2022 is predicted to be seamless. Computing devices will create an intelligent mesh while a computing and communications ecosystem expands the reality along with the information and intelligence from our own eyes, ears, fingers and other senses.

It is like a seamless networking with both transparent and uninterrupted transitions among the devices that are made possibly by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cloud-based APIs, standardized identity technologies and intelligent coordination software.

In fact, a combination of facial recognition and powerful voice along with the big identity database and powerful tracking will likely result in a new term translated into a significant loss of privacy more than today’s era.

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