How To Spice Up Your Living Room With Some Pillows
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Do you know that a small thing like a pillow can change a look dramatically? It is one of the easiest ways to spice up your living room, bedroom, or family room. Besides, there are many affordable and beautiful pillows over there. So, it is a shame if you don’t play with some patterns and colors.

The first thing you should remember when playing a pillow is that it doesn’t have to match. You can maximize your room professionally if you choose it correctly by doing it like a pro! However, if you are not comfortable with your ability, the following guides can help you pick the best one.

Stick with Three Colors

Don’t be afraid to start with colors. But first of all, you have to start with a “color story” so you can match your pillow selection. It is wise to only use three different colors which are pulled from the source in the room. For instance, the colors match the color of the rug, wall, or curtain. If you opt for a different pattern stay with the same color to make it stay cohesive. You can follow the combination below if you are looking for some ideas:

  • Pink, deep red, and dark blue
  • Deep green, deep red, and orange
  • Mustard yellow, magenta, and violet
  • Magenta, dark green, and gold

Choose Three Pattern

If you follow the rule of three, think about the scale of the pattern. You choose three because you don’t want the pattern or color to complete each other. You can opt for a pattern with three different scales that still allow the pattern to dominate.

For instance, choose three patterns with different scales the biggest, medium, and the smallest. This is important to avoid a chaotic look. To make it more subtle, opt for single color with an interesting texture.

Don’t Hesitate To Break The Rule

How To Spice Up Your Living Room With Some Pillows
Credit by: The Spruce

Now that you are familiar with the rule of three. However, still, you are not bound to all rules. Some rules are there to be broken to explore your creativity. It is OK if you start to mix and match your formula with pattern and color as long as it works best for you. The only thing that matters is you like what you see. You see some stylish also often do this and not being afraid to do some experiment.

How Many Pillows Do You Need?

How To Spice Up Your Living Room With Some Pillows
Credit By: Ballard Designs

When grouping pillows on the couch or sofa, everybody agree that odd number always look the best. If you have loveseats, three pillows are the best. If you have your standard, like having a 6-foot sofa, you might need five to seven pillows to make it work out.

The odd number always makes the look modern, and artful. Meanwhile, the even number always looks traditional. But it is good for balance and a symmetrical look on your bed or sofa.

Additionally, consider also the fill and how will affect the look. For instance, the feather-and-down fill will have a softer squish. On the other hand, foam and other synthetic fills are stiffer and more affordable. Such pillows hold the pillow shape better but don’t give luxurious look.

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