How To Choose A Lighting For Any Room At Your House
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Lighting can add a dramatic view to your house. Therefore it is a multi-faceted process that takes some key factors to involve. a designer Marilyn Sygrove explained that in selecting light needs there are some criteria; type, amount of light, purpose, and type of fixture. Therefore, there are many types of lights available in the market, from wall lights, LED lights, chandelier lights, dim lights, hanging lights, and bright lights. This makes choosing the lights a little bit confusing and tiring. But don’t worry, we provide you with some great tips to follow.

Begin with Measure Your Space

But why is measuring space important? Because this will determine how the light will reach every corner of the room. A quick tip from Billy Ceglia is to measure the length and the width of your room to make sure the ceiling fixture is large enough for the space. After that, you can add them together and then convert them into inches to give you the starting point.

For instance, a room with a 20 by 15-foot room will be ideal with a 36″ wide fixture.

Consider Architectural and Decorative Fixtures

How To Choose A Lighting For Any Room At Your House
credit by: The Spruce

Keep in mind that there should be a balance between decorative lighting and architecture. Besides, different types of lighting bring different functions. For instance, art, sculptures, and another mundane task like cleaning. For illuminating reading, intimate gathering, and games, you can use the table or floor lamps. For you who like things like screens and planters can be great with the lighting on the floor.

Esther Dormer though The Spruce explained that lighting is not only functional but also creates moods, emotions, and feelings. Furthermore, lighting also adds aesthetic purpose. Even lighting can be the focal point in the room from ornate chandeliers to simple globe pendants.

Try To Incorporate a Variety Level of Lighting

Stop being boring. Instead, try to incorporate different levels of lighting. You can incorporate overhead fixtures, lamps, or dimmers. This way, you can eliminate the dark area while creating a cozy and warm room.

Check the Multiple Roles A Room Serves

Some rooms in our house serve multiple functions and this is why dimmers are very useful. For instance, if you want to have a romantic dinner or dine with the kids, the lighting can be adjusted. Many people don’t have a formal dining room, and they want the kitchen counter to be flexible. And this is the way to do it, you can use the dimmer.

Will The Lighting Be A Star?

In a room, the lighting doesn’t have to be the star or the focal point. If you want the lighting to be the one, it is usually the one with a dramatic style. The wow factor depends on the area you are focusing on such as the foyer, or a walk-in closet. You probably want to add a bold factor.

Aesthetic Room

You can also play with an aesthetic room by just finding out which one complements. However, be sure to balance the area. If your room design already brings the focal point, then it is better to find a low-key lighting.

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