Honda’s Three New EV Platforms by 2030
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As the electric technology sweeps in the auto industry, many manufacturers have been thinking about shifting their productions. In the future years, more and more electric vehicles would be made and constructed instead of the regular gas units. Some auto manufacturers are even ambitious enough to switch their production to complete electrified models before 2030. And Honda is one of those names.

Honda’s Plan

The executive of the company has made an official release concerning Honda’s plan to develop not one, but three, new platforms for EVs as they want all of their fleets to be electrified by 2030. At the beginning of this decade, Honda has displayed some of their prototypes. One of them is the SUV-e EV being displayed during Shanghai Auto Show in the 20th of April 2021.

Honda’s Three New EV Platforms by 2030
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Honda Motor Co. wants to build millions of EVs by using the new and dedicated platforms. One of them would be developed together with GM, Honda’s US partner. Honda’s Global Head of Electrification, Shinji Aoyama, stated that the company is thinking about introducing an electric (mini) commercial ride in 2024, focusing in Japan market. This mini vehicle would be constructed on a small and new EV platform. Afterwards, they are going to have a follow-up production of full-size EV for North America. This would be happening in 2026 and they would use a new bigger platform.

Both of these platforms would also be utilized for other models. Through a video call, Aoyama stated that their ‘medium size’ or their third platform would be shared with their US counterpart, the GM. It would start in 2027. The two companies stated that they would work together to develop an affordable and inexpensive EV for the global markets. However, they haven’t decided whether they are going to use GM architecture or Honda platform.

According to Aoyama, they still have to discuss a lot of things. There are many crucial decisions that need to be made. They haven’t made any decision about which plants to be used or what kinds of models they are going to produce. However, they will share the processing bill for the manufacturing so the cars can be produced at either GM or Honda manufacturing plants.

The Manufacturing Processing

Honda’s Three New EV Platforms by 2030
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GM is creating two (premium) electric SUVs in North America. They are doing it for Honda. The project starts in 2024 and it would be constructed on the (dedicated) EV platform that is used for Caddy Lyriq. Aoyama stated that Honda agrees on using the next gen GM’s Ultium battery, but they haven’t finalized the specifications. The Japanese auto manufacturer, however, doesn’t have any plan or whatsoever in Ultium battery joint venture project with LG South Korea’s Energy Solution.

The Future Production Scheme

Honda wants to build around two millions of EVs within a global scale by 2030, and it includes the mid-size types that are being developed together with GM. According to Aoyama, Honda targets the North American production up to 800,000 units of EVs in 2030. They also have the same plan for China. For Japan, they are planning to have more 400,000 units up to 500,000 units, and it includes other markets.

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