Google Uncovers New Pixel Watch
Credit by Android Police

Google has uncovered its initial smartwatch at its annual developer meeting.

The Google Pixel Watch mix its own Wear operating system to Fitbit health tracking. Google acquired Fitbit for $2.1bn (£1.7bn) in 2019. The watch is compatible with 4-G and can be paired with Android devices, meaning that it can function on its own without being close a device –but it requires its data plan to do so. On the other words, the watch runs its own functions using its data plan for support.

According to Google, either the phone or the watch would also need to have the same network. The tech giant didn’t mention the wearable price but it would be a premium product when it releases in the fall.

Google Uncovers New Pixel Watch
Credit by Android Police

It faces rigid competition from the likes of Samsung and Apple, which are already be the market leaders in smartwatches.

There are already many third party that Android watches running on Google’s Wear operating system. However, Google has not create its own device yet.

According to Rick Osterloh, a senior vice-president of devices and services at Google, the “Google’s-ecosystem and Fitbit expertise” combination was a factor that made the product unique. In spite of the assumption that the Pixel Watch might also pair with Apple products, Google stated that this won’t be the problem.

European Commission explored the Fibit Google’s initial takeover, leading to get its approval. However, Google should make some promises including not to “reduce the user experience of third-party smartwatches when paired with an Android phone” for ten years period that is particularly in Europe.

Google should also initiate not to utilize Fitbit data for advertising purposes. Google told the BBC that it was dedicated to keep the goodness and health data separated from other user data. Google had also worked with regulators for privacy concerns. Again, pairing is much necessary for more convenience.

New Pixels

Google announcement shows it reveals two new Pixels phones – the budget Pixel 6a and premium Pixel 7. They will be on sale in July. A new Pixel tablet will be launched in 2023 along with an updated earbuds, Pixel Buds Pro and 11 hours battery life or 7 hours with noise cancelling function which is already activated.

Based on the past reviews, Google’s Pixel smartphones have not dominated the market yet. In February, Google chief executive, Sundar Pichai, stated that it had arranged an “All-time quarterly sales record for Pixel” in the past few months of 2021. However, it didn’t come with the actual numbers. This way, the global chip shortage had in “no doubt had a significant effect” on the sales of Google hardware, said Mr. Osterloh.

He added, “We would have sold more Pixels if it weren’t for supply chains issues.”

In short, new Pixels Watch will be immediately unveiled by Google as its new products. Though it doesn’t seem to be a major leading the market yet, Google is definite that it will get a significant effect on Google hardware sales.

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