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The long libel trial from Johnny Depp to his ex-wife Amber Heard is getting heated. Depp is suing Amber for an article she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018 and has stated some testimonies on the day 5 trial. The final Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard showdown is not there yet to see. So, here are some key points of Depp’s testimonies that will lead you along the way. 

Embellished Substance Of Abuse 

The first thing that Depp confidently says is his act of suing Amber was mainly to clear his name for his children. On day five of the libel trial, the man mentioned that he never hit or struck any woman in his life. The man also mentioned that the allegation is embellished and comes as a complete shock, which later becomes a fact in the entertainment industry. 

As he explains his reaction to the allegation, Depp also references his current career standing in Hollywood compared with his glimmering career before the allegation. It was a huge testimony from Depp since more than a week ago he only sitting silently during the libel trial. Wearing a dark suit, Depp also said that he knew the trial will expose both him and Heard. 

However, the man knows that he cannot say embarrassed by all the revelations about his relationship with Amber. He pinpoints that the Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard case does not go to court. But his suing for liber for $50m is unavoidable. Meanwhile, the other party also counterclaims for $100m in this case.

Depp Admitting Some Argument, Text Message, And Drug Uses

Among his testimonies, the man also admits some of the allegations made by Amber. He admits to having some arguments and talking vulgarly during his text message with Amber. But he also stated that he added humor to deal with the pain. Some other testimonies he admits are drug use. He mentioned that it was part of this youth.
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During the liber trial, the man stated the allegation of using the drug. He stated that it was part of the self-medication rather than the got to party allegation. It is mostly for numbing the ghost of his youth. But along with Depp’s statement, the man shows that the substance abuse mentioned in the plan was false during the Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard liber court. 

Inside his testimonies, Depp even mentioned his first meeting with heard. It was during the Rum Diary filming when both kissed. He stated that he feels something about Amber, but that should not be. At that time, both are still in a relationship with their partners. Depp was still with Paradis and heard was with her ex Tasya Van ree. 

Depp Need To Stand Up For Himself 

The last but not least, the main actor of the famous movie Pirate of the Caribbean does not hesitate to state he is ready to face the court. He determined to reflect on the heinous and disturbing allegation of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Depp even highlighted that he is obsessed with getting the truth to stand up for himself and his kids.   

As said on the fifth day of court, Depp’s testimonies highlight his innocence against Amber’s abuse claims. He mentioned that he did has a heated argument with Amber, but never reached the point of abusing or hitting her. The actor also admits and delivers the details of drug use, argument, and message, which help him clean his name for his children. 

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