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In the world of finance, there is a need to learn how to deal with money like budgeting, investing and debt especially when you’re running a startup or just starting your financial trip. In fact, it is crucially necessary to talk about all finance aspects with your partner, families and friends though it wouldn’t be much interesting to bring budget, debt and investment topic into a discussion.

As starting conversation about your finance may be intimidating, consider podcasts which can be the great way to introduce the topics like debt payment and salary negotiation.

Podcasts are not only an amazing financial learning tool but also an audio encyclopedia of free suggestion from the real financial experts and money strategist. Here we have listed the best podcasts out there that focus on solving finance problems and how-to such as getting out of debt, securing financial independence, money strategies, investing and more.

Money Rehab – The Best Finance Podcast for Beginners

If you are just a finance newbie, Money Rehab is a podcast that fits you best. According to Nicole Lapin, this podcast provides a tool called “Rehab your wallet” and allows you to start the financial journey to gain financial freedom. The episode topics are usually overcoming the financial anxiety, invoicing, emergency funds and etc.

Finance Podcast
Credit by Liputan6

In fact, learning about finance is sometimes much overwhelming, particularly when you are just starting up your finance management.

Inn this podcast, 30 minutes are available for fans to ask question. Get in and out to find whether you have the same finance questions with the other fans, you’ll get the answer then. So, walk with money changing suggestion.

Money Please – The Best For Having Money Mindset

Sometimes, the hardest time is when you cannot get into the money mindset. Subscribe to Berna Anat’s Money Please podcast which is dedicate to help your financial mental be on the track without stressful way,

Sit down on Tuesday and Thursday and get yourself amped and educated by everything about personal finance. The topic is unlimited.

Financial Feminist – The Best for Saving

Financial saving podcast proves best to help Tori Dunlap that had $100,000 in savings by the age of 25. In Financial Feminist podcast, the financial experts explain resources, trade tricks, financial self-care activities, advises and more to help women around the world reach their saving goals.

According to Dunlap, making savings is possible and the saving will be reachable. The money topics allow the listeners to relax and be honest about their money relationship. This podcast has community which is all about women and helping women reach their financial goals.

Brown Ambition – The Best For Building Wealth

Brown Ambition is hosted by Mandi Woodruff who is a finance expert and award-winning financial educator. Brown Ambition inspires how to build wealth and stop having poor career and money policies that might have steered you off your financial plan.

This podcast lets you to learn how to create discussions about salary negotiation, paid leave and employee financial perks and benefits. Sit on Wednesday everyday as the new episodes drop by the day.

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