Drivers Risk Up to £5,000 Fine
Drivers Risk Up to £5,000 Fine

Motorist could be fined £5,000 and nine points on their license just because they know only a little bit fuel rule.

North West Motorway Police displayed a picture of the stationary car in a live lane of the Smart Motorway on April 23.

Highway Agency has introduced smart motorways which is now called Highways England to use traffic management techniques to provide more capacity and reduce congestion especially in busy areas. The techniques include the use of hard shoulder as a running lane and variable speed limits which are aimed to control the traffic flow to help with the environmental impact, reducing the need to create extra lanes.

In this case, the car obstructed other lanes.

According to the force that posts on Facebook, drivers mostly run out of fuel in M60 in the live lane, making them unable to see the danger of running out of fuel on the motorway. This post gains hundreds of comments that say they were unaware of the rule.

Running out of fuel doesn’t cover TOR (Traffic Offence Report) warranty but the officers can issue them if a potential danger implications are noticed due to the stationery vehicle. The TOR can be a monetary fine or points on the driver’s license.

This can be because the motorist can be charged due to his careless driving. The law can absolutely give punishment.

Running out of fuel on a busy street could make a collision or a hazard for other street users. Even a £100 can be fined to the drivers who cause an obstruction on the street because of breaking down due to an empty tank.

Running out of fuel causes a car broke, leading to a crash. For this, nine points are fined to the drivers along with the other unlimited fine. However, this will depend on the incident severity. In this condition, fines can usually run up to £5,000.

Insurance Companies Unlikely to Cover

Dealing with how to deal with the driver’s cases, car insurer doesn’t seem to cover for collisions caused by empty fuel. This means that the insurance companies won’t pay out, making the motorist fork out for a big amount of repair bills.

The Facebook post managed by cops gained 2,000 comments and 1,000 reactions with a number of people surprisingly want to learn about the fuel rules.

Sympathy For The Drivers

Many people were notably expressing sympathy for the fined drivers. One commentators say that not everyone who runs out of fuel is dull, lazy or a bad person. Sometimes, someone is in a difficult situation. The critics for the drivers are considered perfect citizens.

Others, however, viewed the issue and said that the drivers were real danger. Therefore, drivers were also alerted earlier this month about being aware of running out of fuel.

In short, at least £100 fine can be given to a driver in motorway just because running out of fuel. However, the potential danger caused by an empty tank of fuel can lead to thousands of fine.

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