Downtown Abbey actress, Laura Carmichael Secretly Has A Baby
Credit by: The Sun

Good news has come from Downtown Abbey actress, Laura Carmichael who has just welcomed a baby boy with her boyfriend Michael Fox. The couple secretly has had a baby Luca since March last year.

A source close to the couple stated that both Laura and Michael loved being parents and they had been grateful to enjoy some time away from the spotlight.

The couple met at the filming of the fifth series of Downtown Abbey and they have been together since 2016. Two years ago, the couple decided to move in together.

Even though they have been together, both seem to keep the relationship private. While they made a rare public appearance, they were seen at the Downtown Abbey: A New Era premier which is held earlier this week. They are spotted posing and appeared arm-in-arm.

Speaking about her first appearance on the red carpet, Laura said it was a shock for them (Laura and Michael) and she was terrified.

Little Laura explains her relationship with Michael. Even though she tries to keep it secret, she looked gushing over how lucky she felt to meet Michael.

On the other hand, Michael also addressed his relationship in the past. He wanted to keep his romantic life separate from his jobs.

‘We’d go to work and we didn’t want it to be a thing in any way when we were working together,’ he told the Sunday Post.

Further, he explained how great it is to go to work with the best pal.

Downtown Abbey actress, Laura Carmichael Secretly Has A Baby
Credit by: The Sun

About Downtown Abbey: A New Era

The Downtown Abbey: A New Era has received an exceptional review from critics after it is released last Friday.

The latest trailer shows the Crawley family heading to the South of France to solve a mystery of a villa bestowed to the Dowager Countess of Grantham, Violet Crawley.

It is opened by Violet (Dame Maggie) saying ‘I’ve come into the possession of villa in the South of France.’

And then she continued, ‘Years ago before you were born. I met a man.’

And soon after that the Dowager Grantham and her lover spent a few days together. And then she was given a house.

In the latest Downtown sequel, there is a much-loved cast including Michelle, Hugh, and also Penelope Wilton. It seems like there will be trouble in paradise as Lady Mary talks about her struggle in marriage life. She seems to talk to Hugh saying that he didn’t need her to tell him that marriage was full of plot twists along the way.

Besides, the setting of the series is an estate for a film with mustached Dominic who plays a 1920s actor. Furthermore, the trailer seems to promise the fans to see the widower Tom Branson who finds love again with the maid, Lucy Smith. The pair also tie the knot in a romantic scene.

The creator of Downtown, Julian Fellowes revealed some details about the movie which is also based on the TV series. The creator explained that the film is the extension of the series which ran for sex season between 2010-and 2015.

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