Do’s and Don’ts’ When Designing A New House
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Moving to a new house is liberating, especially for the ones who have bought a house for the first time. Now, you might be wondering how to decorate your room more effectively as you don’t want to make mistakes in choosing the wall paint, furniture, and floor. It is time to create a big plan and turn your empty shell into something exciting. Here are some suggestions about designing a new house that you can take.

Start Doing Cleaning At The Old Place

Before you make a new offer, get ahead with this process. This is a critical step to move in. It makes it easier to pack up too. Beginning with getting rid of any old stuff from wobbly furniture, faulty appliances, and accessories you don’t need. It is a good time to start something new, so it is good to pare down your possession. You can also have a garage sale or make an auction on eBay.

Begin With The Bedroom

The Bedroom is where you will spend around a third of your time. If you are on a budget, invest first in the bed. After that, buy something that you can afford to spend in this area. It is great if you can paint the wall to complement your bedding. If you still have the budget, now invest more in the window. For early risers, a lighter color palette is the perfect combination, while the night owls are great with the deeper tones and things that cover the light.

Hold Yourself To Buy All Stuff

Do’s and Don’ts’ When Designing A New House
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Often a new homeowner wants to buy all the stuff all at once. This is a big mistake as you might not know what you want in the long run. At least, spend two months living in your house before making a purchase. During this time, you will think about how you will live at the house. Maybe during these two months, you will figure out that spending $5,000 for renovating the bathroom is not important and you might want to invest more in the kitchen and dining area.

Live As Little As You Can

Yes! It is very tempting to buy all the stuff you want for decorating your home. You might be crazy about buying pillows, flowerpots, kitchen sets, and chairs. Take a picture of it and then pin it on your Pinterest board. After several months, you will understand how much stuff you have bought and you want to cull it. This is why embracing the minimal life is important.

Hold The Urge To Match

Retail stores love to give a perspective that everything has to match. Instead, it is not always true. You will just make your room look boring and flat. Bring the life by showing your character in your house. Make sure to add the personal style by avoiding beige, bland, and boring composition. The rule is to be balanced, scale and proportion.

Wall Painting Is Your Best Friend

Do you know that wall painting matters? Invest your mind to think about what kind of painting align with your design plan. If you doubt, opt for neutral color so you can use any kind of color to balance the room.

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