Elon Musk's Mars Colony Plan

The name Elon Musk has always been part of technologies media. Aside from his success on Tesla and SpaceX, the madly rich man also come with another wild plan to inhibit Mars. The rich and smart individual has stated his plan to ferry one million people to Mars. But this Elon Musk’s Mars Colony Plan is labeled as a dangerous delusion by the top scientist. 

A Plan To Live On Mars 

On February 1, Elon Musk make a huge uproar with his ambitious plan to transport humans to Mars by 2026. It was a controversial remark since the US space agency NASA only aims for the capability of a land astronaut in 2033. What Elon stated was considered seven years earlier from NASA, which also followed with the purpose to establish a self-sustaining civilization. 

Colonization ideas are not a new thing in Mars exploration and study. But, what Elon stated and claimed to get human on the Red Planet in five and a half years are gathering much attention. In this case, the deadline was seemingly too much and over-ambitious. SpaceX still needs to finalize its prototype soon before the ambitious plan. 

Elon Musk’s Mars Colony Plan also includes transforming the red planet into a warmer place to stay. Inside the clubhouse interview, the SpaceX CEO mentioned that the first colony and effort will come as a tiny, frontier-like environment, which later comes with food production, power plants, and propellant manufacturing. 

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A Dangerous Delusion Response From Expert 

Based on The Sun, Elon Musk’s colony plan was mentioned to be realized in 2050. The massive billionaire’s ideas have currently garnered attention from Professor Lord Martin Rees, Royal Astronomer. The expert stated that Elon Musk’s ideas are considered a dangerous delusion, yet he also cheers the effort for Mars exploration. 

The professor said that private space explorers such as Musk with his SpaceX can leap to realize Elon Musk’s Mars Colony Plan, but not now. Lord Rees mentioned to The Sun that experts and scientists will always expect crazy adventurers who go to Mars to build a colony and realize the one-way trips later in this century. 

Elon Musk's Mars Colony Plan

Thanks to advancing technology, such an idea can happen shortly. The scientist evokes cheer for people that willing to do adventure. He also admires them that want to do crazy stunts to reach the red planet. But the scantiest also highlight that such an action should be for the future of space exploration. 

Along with Donald Goldsmith, Lord Rees also pinpoint that human space flight can cost the taxpayer. However, the billionaire Musk might be able to pull that off. The problem is that the main focus of the current exploration should be working with robots to lessen the cost. It is also most practical since every space exploration, including Elon Musk’s Mars Colony Plan, needs proper preparation.  

The rich CEO might come with unique and absurd ideas, but they might come into reality with time. Professor Lord Martin Rees indicates that the plan is considered a dangerous delusion since it takes a lot of effort. But, he also no denying that it might come in reality over time with crazy adventurers to eventually build a little colony on the red planet.  

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