It cannot be denied that China has been part of the global automotive producer and factories. But the recent Covid 19 pandemic and the economy slow down have numbed varying automakers, including Tesla. Thankfully china’s most populous city, Shanghai is trying to back to normal.  And one of the biggest efforts to be seen is the Shanghai Automakers revival. 

The End Of Nearly Three-Week Covid Shutdown 

Chinas’ devastating lockdown came viral on the internet. The nearly three-week covid shutdown give a huge effect on vital industries and production, such as the automotive. Some big names have shut down their operation to follow china’s effort to control the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak. 

The long break has hurt the local economies in many ways, such as the plummeting consumption and export rate, to real estate. It shook the global supply chains as many automotive factories shut down. Along with that number, approximately around 25 million people have to struggle with the situation.   

But reaching Monday, April 18, some movement has been seen in China. Financial support for industries to all entities affected by the pandemic has been commenced. Many shanghai automakers and other industries also started speeding up their effort to get back into the normal flow. 

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The White List To Reopen And Keep Shanghai Operation Going 

Shanghai, Beijing, also stated that the city has completed a white list that covers 666 firms in the city. Those firms are then prioritized industry to start opening and keep operating after the lockdown. The whitelist includes famous automotive factories Tesla, SAIC Motor, Volkswagen, medical industries, semiconductor, and many other firms.  


Tesla Effort To Recall And Start Back On The Business

One of the biggest automotive industries and factories in Beijing is the Tesla company. The EV producer calls back their work into the Shanghai plant to live on site. It was one of the efforts to comply with the new China’s regulation of the Closed-loop management process. It highlights how worker on several Shanghai Automakers needs to continue living on site. 

Based on Autonews, the source underlined that the Tesla company will provide each worker with a sleeping bag and mattress. Workers will have to sleep on the floor and live on-site in designated areas or places. There are also some other spaces provided by the company, such entertainment room, shower, catering, and many more. 

Only staff with a tow shot vaccination regime and has the lowest risk residential can re-enter the area to join the 400 staff on site. it was a new regime for the company. The source stated that before the pandemic and lockdown, many Shanghai Automakers (especially Tesla) has been covering 24 hours shifts. It was also producing 2,100 cars a day, which is hard to achieve in the current condition.  

The devastating three weeks of isolation from March to April was the peak of the economic problem in China. Everything is slowing down, including the automotive business. With the prohibitions lifted, the white list companies have started their stage to revive. It includes the EV producer Tesla which comes strong with the varying procedure of Covid prevention.   

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