Chinese Drone Firm DJI Breaks Operations in Russia and Ukraine
Credit by BBC

Since the war was started, Ukraine has emphasized the company to take efforts to stop its drones being utilized by Russia. The Chinese firm stated that the decision was not an announcement about any country. In fact, the drone is not for military use.

However, a chairman of the Ukrainian Federation of UAV Owners, Taras Troiak, told BBC that he felt doubt the DJI drone would stop Russia’s military. He told BBC that the stores’ supplies of drones might not be in stock a few months later, but, he viewed that it is easy to smuggle the drones from Chine to Russia.

Basically, DJI drones are used by Russia’s military for short-rage reconnaissance. In Mr. Troiak’s viewpoint, they are used to look around to find any soldiers and make sure that no one is very close to you at that moment.

Mr Troiak added, if Russia wanted to build a building or a factory, the drones can be used to fin Ukrainian soldiers on the territory. He said he knows that DJI drones were expected to be neutral in the conflict but the supplies must be cut to Russia instead of Ukraine.

He added, he was protecting his country by using all kinds of civilian cars, drones and phones. Thus, that was not because he wanted to use the drones in military use. In fact, there was no other options he could consider taking.

BBC was reported by the DJI that using its equipment for military use is just breaking its principles.

Substantial Step

The operations suspensions ordered by the world’s largest commercial drone-maker is uncommon for a major Chinese company. China has tried to keep being neutral on Russian-Ukraine conflict, looking for a peaceful solution. However, it has yet to sentence the Russian invasion.

In March, Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister, tweeted DJI to tell, “Block your products that are helping Russia to kill the Ukrainians.”

An open latter attached to the tweet assumed that Russia was making use of DJI drones to help target the missiles and the company replied to stress its products were only used for civilian. The letter said that if Ukraine asked, it would switch on geofencing which is the system that disrupts the drone operations, preventing any DJI drones to operate in the country.

However, the system was alerted not to be “foolproof”.

Not For Combat

A link to BBC was shared by Mr. Troiak to a video produced by Russian forces to show that a DJI drone operated in combat in Mariupol. DJI’s logo was clearly seen on the controller.

In this response, DJI explained that it did not market its product for military use. It didn’t offer after-sales services for drones product identified as being used for military dedications. Further, DJI also explained that it customized or enabled the modifications that would allow the products for military purposes.

A DJI spokesperson told BBC that it concerned about the report of military uses of its product as stated on 21 April 2022. He also ensured that the products were designed only for civilian use, not military applications.

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