Covid 19 outbreak in China has reached the end of its lockdown. But the new stage still demands a proper revitalization. With the long 3 weeks of lockdown, it is not only the citizen who is crying and screaming in agony. Some industries, small to big, were hit hard by it. Thankfully, on Monday, April 18 the central bank decides to rose China’s financial support for affected entities. 

Three Financial Aspects To Increase  

China’s effort to cushion economic slowdown and revitalization after the pandemic is a display of determination. On April 18, the central bank of China also show the idea of stepping up its financial support for the local firms, industries, and people due to the outbreak. It also mentioned that the effort is shown in varying efforts. 

The PBOC or People’s bank of china and the State of administration of foreign exchange (SAFE) states that the country will launch 23 measure to enhance the financial services. All of them are meant to fulfill the main three aspects of financial flow in china. The efforts include promoting export, securing economic flow, and support for affected entities.  


The great expense of china’s financial support will relieve varying market difficulties. It includes some of the industries, people, and enterprises. Some guides in financial institutions also cover loan scale expansion with more appropriate interest concessions. China highlights the real economy increase and the inclusive financing for the small to the micro firm.   

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600 Billion Yuan By Mid April 

According to channelnewsasia, PBOC had paid a huge sum by mid-April. The number reaches up to 600 billion yuan or an estimated around US$94.31 billion to the central government. It was mentioned that the cost is equivalent to a 25 bases point cut in banks’ Reserve Requirement Ratios o RRR. 

To ensure the country, the central bank indicates that the number is on track to more than 1.1 trillion, and profits are forecast for this year. Another data also said that 1 trillion yuan in profit will be paid back to the government this year by the central bank. It is a good step up for china financial support. 

Cutting RRR 

As the central bank ensures the profit payback to the central government, the new statement highlight that PBOC will cut the RRR. The announcement was done on Friday, which indicates the cutting RRR was to support the slowing economy in the country. It helps in realizing every plan in supporting financial growth. 

Some of the plans include helping companies to raise foreign debt, currency hedging, and cross-border settlement. POBC also listed minimum down payment and interest rate for housing loans, construction firms, and development as china’s financial support. Everything is the key to reviving the slowed economy in march as exports, real estate, and consumption worsen. 

After the heartbreaking video surfaced on the internet, it clearly shows the devastating situation in china after the 2022 covid 19-outbreak. Social media’s audience also shows varying responses. The lockdown ended after three week, which later faced the expected financial crisis and needs. That is why the financial support commenced in April.  

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