Check The 6 Ways Of How To Decorate Room With Simple Things.
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So, let’s be honest! All of the stuff we Google is about expensive home decoration ideas which are not something we could afford at this moment. At least at this moment. However, that doesn’t mean that we could not have a dream room. We still can do something with what we have around us. You can follow these simple tricks on how to decorate the room with simple things.


Rearrange is one of the easiest or least expensive things you can do when it comes to the room decoration. You can play with the furniture and accessories that are already available in your house. For instance, you can split up your sectional and place your bed right opposite the wall. But don’t forget to sketch things up first before starting moving the furniture. You know it is a heavy job to do!

Apply Fresh Coat

Do you have any paint laying around in your house? Then why not add a fresh coat to your wall. Adding a paint color can change your room view dramatically and of course cheaply. Besides walls, you can also try it on a piece of fabric. Any canvas will do well with latex paint. However, make sure you don’t paint anything you are attached to as mistakes can happen.

Accent Color For A Pop

Look around your room and find some contrasting colors to add more life. For instance, you can display items in orange or red or any kind of happy hue that pop and add life to your house.

If you are not so sure about the color scheme, you can go to the fabric store and find swatches that contain the main color of your home decor as well as the accent. You can cover a few pillows with these fabrics to add a dramatic new look. If you are not into sewing, you can cover the dining chair seat. Believe it or not, this simple trick is easy to do but can add dramatic changes to your room.

When you are in doubt, you can go with metallic. It fits with everything and even can add a little vintage touch.

Try Spreading The Carpet

Check The 6 Ways Of How To Decorate Room With Simple Things
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Spreading a carpet on the bedroom floor will accentuate the view. Many people don’t realize the power of carpets. When placed in the right position, it can be a good accessory. Just make sure it is a big carpet that can be pulled out several inches beyond the bed.

Use Plant

Another cheap way to use is by adding a plant to your house. Find some unused pots and fill them with some greeny things. You can place it anywhere you like, whether in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or patios. It is cheap and effective.

Why Not Sharing Meaningful Memories?

Using meaningful memories is an impactful way to decorate any space. It is simple to do. For instance, look for framed pieces that were drawn by your kids and then display them on the wall.

What do you think? Decorating a room doesn’t have to be expensive right? With a proper plan and a simple trick, you can do it in cost-effective way.

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