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Vietnamese Carmaker Targets N Carolina

Vietnamese Carmaker Targets N Carolina To Build Electric Vehicles

RALEIGHI, NORTH CAROLINA – A Vietnamese carmaker announced plans on Tuesday that he will build a place in North Carolina to produce electric vehicles....
2022 Lexus RZ (credit

Ahead Of April Debut, 2022 Lexus RZ Teased Fans With Its Mesmerizing RZ 450e

The EV or electric vehicle is on the rage in the last decade. A lot of companies have joined the market and try to...
2023 BMW 7 Series (sumber bmwblog)

2023 BMW 7 Series Revealed With Big V8, And The I7 EV Smitten With...

Reaching half of the year, some car brands are running their teasers and details for their new 2023 editions. The same goes with the...
Nissan Gestures The End of The Road

Nissan Gestures The End of The Road for Datsun Cars Regardless Their Long History

Nissan car maker is going to stop manufacturing vehicles with the Datsun name that has a more than century. Is it a definite decision?...

Volkswagen Group Expects Electric Cars to Give Bigger Profits

CEO puts a high expectation on automakers’ e-mobility business that they would present the same profit as the combustion-engine business does earlier than planned. BERLIN...
Honda’s Three New EV Platforms by 2030

Honda’s Three New EV Platforms by 2030

As the electric technology sweeps in the auto industry, many manufacturers have been thinking about shifting their productions. In the future years, more and...
Electric and Connected Cars

Automotive Industry Trends 2022 Doubling Down Electric and Connected Cars

When it comes to face 2022, the automotive industry keeps on finding the big changes in business model as the step of electrification increases...
BMW Releases New 7 Series

BMW Releases New 7 Series with All-Electric Model

NEW YORK, April 25 (Lifeofrubin) – BMW (BMWG.DE) started the pre-sales of the seventh generation of the BMW 7 Series on Wednesday. These series...
Android 13 Comes at I/O with RCS,

Android 13 Comes at I/O with RCS, Google Wallet and Cast for Cars

The Google performance for Android 13 added updates for phones, more support for foldables and better integration with your laptop, TV, car, speakers and...
Drivers Risk Up to £5,000 Fine

Drivers Risk Up to £5,000 Fine and Nine Points Due To The Unknown Fuel...

Motorist could be fined £5,000 and nine points on their license just because they know only a little bit fuel rule. North West Motorway Police...

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