Body Language Expert Explained Amber’s Heard Expression And Gestures In Her Testimony
Credit By: Daily Mail

Amber Heard finally took the stand for testimony in her defamation trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. A mixed opinion has been shown towards Amber’s expression and gestures during her testimony. According to Daily Mail, Amber Heard’s body language betrayed her emotions, an expert said.

In her testimonial, the Aquaman star wept as she talked about how she was repeatedly hit by Johnny Depp over his jealousy of James Franco affair. The actress then explained Johnny performed a “cavity search” on her for cocaine after ripping off her clothes.

Judi James, a body language expert told to MailOnline that it is difficult to read emotions for both of them because both are actors who know how to play the audience. Each defendant will likely have been trained by the legal team to convince the jury. However, a slight movement or expression can show the true feeling even though it doesn’t reveal fully their innocent.

When Amber Heard took her first stand, she deliberately address her answer smilingly to the jury. This means she wanted to ‘humanize’ her and also created an emotional bond. However, during the graphic testimony, the actress appeared to sob and also scrunched her nose without crying. Meanwhile, her hand gestures were “congruous” with her words which are typically often used for expression before her words which is usually a sign of “authenticity”.

In the courtroom, Amber Heard also starred at Johnny Depp who escaped from her gaze which means a sign of honesty and openness.

In the previous testimony, Johnny Depp won viewers’ hearts for his jokes and coolness in taking every question asked by the Heard’s team. Meanwhile, Heard was sitting silently and occasionally whispered to her team.

On this testimonial day, Amber Heard gave an animated display from smiles to sobs after she has been sitting in the courtroom for around four weeks waiting for her time to counter her ex-husband.

As she finally took her stand, she was asked to introduce herself, say her job, and the reason why she was in court. Instantly, the actress turned towards the jury to answer the questions, while Depp was more hunched while giving the testimony.

Judi then explain that Amber’s gaze and speech at the first stand were important.

“It is quite common for people to address their answers to the jury in the US but Amber seems to create personal connections and tie-signs quickly here, beginning by smiling in the direction of the judge before turning her head towards the jury to offer her answers to questions from the legal team.”

Further, the body language expert explained the meaning of Amber’s draped hair which is to give a clear view of her face as it is also used to “humanize” herself to the jury than isolating herself as a celebrity.

Previously, Amber Heard fired her PR team and switch to new one days before she took the stand. A close source told she didn’t like the bad headline.

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