Bobby and Liberty Spotted Kissing! Are They Dating
credit by: The Sun

It is confirmed! Liberty Love and the handsome catwalk star 18, Bobby Brazier are dating. The two were spotted kissing and engaged in various displays of PDA in London’s Soho.

For those who don’t know Liberty Love, she is the daughter of DJ Don Letts, a famous DJ, musician, and film director. Besides, he was also the videographer for The Clash. He also gets involved in several music videos. Don also won his first Grammy in 2003.

The couple looked in great spirit as they were spotted going for a night out. At one point, they stopped for a kiss and Bobby showed his care by placing his hand on his girl’s face.

Nothing is more joyful than seeing the twosome who couldn’t wipe out each other’s smile as they are enjoying the burgeoning romance.

Bobby as usual looked handsome with his hair slicked to the side. He was wearing a leather jacket over a white t-shirt combined with black skinny jeans. He looked very casual on that day.

Meanwhile, Liberty was also as cool as Bobby. Both were spotted wearing a similar outfit. Liberty was wearing a black leather jacket too with her skinny leggings. She looked playing it safe with a combination of biker boots while her long hair was braided and the other half was worn down. Besides, Liberty also wore a white handbag over one shoulder.

Even though Liber is a daughter of an influential DJ, she gains popularity as an influencer. She posted regularly makeup tutorials on her YoutUbe page.

Bobby Lost His Mum When He Was Five

Bobby and Liberty Spotted Kissing! Are They Dating
credit by: The Sun

Bobby is the son of a Big Brother star Jade, and Jeff Brazier. However, he tragically lost his mom when he was just five years old due to cervical cancer.

The young lad admitted in the interview that he didn’t miss his mum because he was very young when she died. Via The Face, he said he was not long enough with his mum.

“I don’t feel like I was with her long enough to miss her. I miss that I could have been. I hear all the time she was such a presence, that she was one of a kind. What hurts most is that it wasn’t just losing anyone, it was losing jade. I just would’ve loved to have seen what other people had seen.”

Bobby with his brother Freddie, 17 are now living with their dad, Jeff along with his wife Kate Dwyer.

Even though it was not been a long time since to meet his mum, Bobby is still grateful that Jade was in the public eye so he could look back over her when she was under the spotlight.

He was told that his mum was a hero, and funny and that people saw her in him on daily basis. It is quite nice that Bobby resembles his mum’s personality. Though, Bobby also admits he might cry watching his mum’s videos.

​“I’m lucky that [her life was] kind of public because it means that I can watch videos when I’m feeling strong enough to watch videos. But sometimes I can’t. I will cry if I do.”

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