BMW Releases New 7 Series
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NEW YORK, April 25 (Lifeofrubin) – BMW (BMWG.DE) started the pre-sales of the seventh generation of the BMW 7 Series on Wednesday. These series are designed as all-electric luxury sedan and hybrid as well as internal combustion engine models. This is considered a fresh news for all automotive lovers around the world.

All of the three versions will be gathered on the same manufacturing line in BMW’s Dingolfing plant along with the first deliveries across the world by November 2022. This means that all the 7 series of BMW will be produced in the same way and released in the end of 2022.

The i7 electric vehicle (EV) which is a competitor to Mercedes’ electric EQS will be priced at $119,300 in the US and 135,900 euros in Europe. Well, the price is slightly different.

According to the Chief Executive, Oliver Zipse, it is predicted that the ICE model demand would be increasing in the United States, where carbon emission regulation is not the primary concern compared to that in Europe or United Kingdom. In the other words, the carbon emission makes the cars low in demand as people concern more about the impact of carbon emission on the environment.

At a later time at a roundtable in New York, Zipse said that the China’s markets, Europe’s market and America’s market were developing in different ways. Perhaps, that is due to the countries’ regulations which are also different dealing with the vehicle’s manufacturing.

In Europe, electric vehicle (EV) markets are growing for all brands. Meanwhile, in the United States, there is only one brand only that is highly successful. “Isn’t it completely different?” Asked Zipse. Further, the approach they are talking proves to be flexible and much better for the first work, Zipse adds.

According to the data derived from research firms Cox Automotive and JATO Dynamics, three quarters of EVs that has been sold in the U.S in 2021 included Tesla cars meanwhile Volkswagen brand is sold only about 1,200 units of cars which means it is just 16.4% in Europe. In fact, not only the prices but also the sales are different between in the United States and Europe.

Zipse said that the companies should be careful and independent. They don’t allow the countries to control the resources essential for EVs.

Sales chief Pieter Nota added that it is necessary to rise the raw materials prices in order that the batteries can carry on investing in combustion engine cars.  Logically, the higher the quality of materials used for the vehicle’s production, the higher the prices. The vehicles will also have a better performance. Thus, raising the price for a better quality is just normal.

All cars will be designed with Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities but the carmaker keeps waiting for the permissions from regulators in enabling the features. In this regards, the spokesperson said that it takes approximately 1 ½ years in Europe. Truly, it takes too long to wait for the regulations.

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