BMW Expects New EVS
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BMW expects that cars built on the Neue Klasse EV platform from 2025 to be profitable with the vehicles designed with the state-of-the-art combustion engines.

According to CEO Oliver Zipse, BMW cars that were supported by the manufacturer’s Neue Klasse (New Class) electric platform will be profitable as much as the vehicles designed with the state-of-art combustion engines.

At the automaker’s annual shareholder conference on Wednesday, Zipse said that the Neue Klassse platform will offer both a new battery chemistry and new cell formats aiming to increase the power output.

Without mentioning the supplier, Zipse added, “That is also what our latest GEN6 drivetrain generation stands for more output, a new cell chemistry and new cell formats.”

BMW targets up to 30% battery price drop for Tesla.

Bloomberg reported, BMW also targets the cost savings up to 30% from the Neue Klasse platform’s new cylindrical cell format, which is designed similarly with that used by Tesla.

On the manufacturer’s quarterly earnings call, Zipse said last week that BMW will firstly emphasize on its Neue Klasse architecture on full-electric prototypes for the midsize premium sector, like future generations of the Series.

At the annual meeting, Zipse said, the platform goes into manufacturing process by 2025 at the automakers new factory in Debrecen, Hungary. The manufacture will lay the footing stone for the plant on June 1. He added, the first pre-series cars will come off the line 26 months to come.

Contracts will be signed by both BMW and the suppliers for the vehicles on the platform by the end of the year. Zipsed said, the contracts will be granted “taking into account CO2 emissions and the percentage of secondary recycled material as criteria for selecting suppliers.

Zipse also said that the plant in Hungary will be functioned “entirely without fossil fuels,” Power will be initiated both on the sire and bought from the suppliers. The power offers renewable energy.

Two design models for the first prototypes based on the platform have already viewed on the board members. Zipse stated it could promise you that you would also be amazed by the models The Neue Klasse represents the quantum leap precisely that people are looking for.

Zipse informed, BMW will be designed with eight all-electric models on the road this year. The 15 BEVs are already built if they listed the pre-production vehicles. In this regards, the automaker hopes that 10% of its deliveries this year to produce BEVs. Zipse commented, the BEVs sales are more than the doubled compared to the first-year quarter in the first three months.

He state the manufacturer is purposing for an increasing two million sales of all-electric cars in 2025 to come. He said that a half of their global sales should be derived from all-electric vehicles. Everything is naturally done to meet the goal as soon as possible. He also added that BMW Group’s Mini and Rolls-Royce will be come as all-electric from the beginning of 2030s.

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