Basic Tips To Know On How To Decorate Small Room
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When decorating a large space is already a headache, the small one can feel worst. When it comes to decorating, you are placing puzzles because you try this and that. Just like decorating a large space, the small one also needs ingenuity and a good eye to make it work. If you are trying to try some styles and don’t know where to start, the following tips is about how to decorate a small room.

The Right Lighting

The right lighting can open up a small room. Let the natural light shine through the windows, or use additional lighting to bring some warmth. Opt for a table lamp for a flexible adjustment. Or, you can choose lighting options such as string lights, pendant lighting, or wall sconces. 

Be Strategic with the Furniture

There is no reason to get rid of the big furniture when it comes to decoration. However, you need to be strategic. Try to maintain the feeling of depth in a room. You can keep the larger items like a bookcase, and couches up against the wall. 

Look For A multi-Purpose Furniture

Basic Tips To Know On How To Decorate Small Room
Credit by: Architectural Digest

A multi-purpose piece of furniture such as the one that you can fold can save more space. It can do double duty from saving space and money. If you see the tiny apartments or houses, you will see how this is the trend. Now you can buy stuff like king-sized beds, dining tables, and desks for such purposes. There are many of them with multifunction purposes. 

Use Mirrors

Talking about the double duty, you can use a mirror for giving space illusion as well as light. Mirrors work the best when it comes to making the room feel larger. Furthermore, mirrors are very practical and way cheaper. There are many ways of using mirrors. You can arrange small mirrors or put one big mirror on the wall to reflect the light. 


Decluttering always makes everything better. It helps you improve the functionality of the wall because you get rid of stuff that you don’t need from the house. However, decluttering doesn’t mean throwing any stuff out of your house, but it is more like keeping things that are useful and memorable. Keep in mind to be objective, especially with attachments. Besides, when you declutter the house, it is easier to decorate the space. 

Try To Get Creative with the Storage

Now you can find so many inspirations when it comes to storage. The Internet is your best friend for DIY projects. Always pick furniture that provides you with excellent storage solutions. Furniture, for example, the ottoman style offers you benefits which can store linens under the bed storage. It also looks cool! Hanging shelves also save more space while keeping the rooms beautiful as you can place some decoration on them.

Go Bold

Small spaces look good with bold colors, textures, and prints as long as you keep everything in balance. If you are too worried about being bold, you can always use colors in smaller ways for example using them as an accent on the wall, pillows, or picture frames to spice up your house.

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