Basic Guidelines For Creating Modern Living Room Design
credit by: Architectural Digest

You know there are many living room concepts you can adopt for your house, from minimalist, and rustic to modern living room design. It is easy indeed to imagine bringing the ideas into a living room, but it is difficult to implement it as there are many factors you have to consider. Factors like your budget, the size of your house, the functionality, and much more matter.

In this case, people like to go neutral by going to the modern living room design. This is because of the easy access from material to the furniture. If you are one of these people who want to design your house this way, check the following guide.

Opt for Open-Plan Layout

The benefit of using the open-plan layout is you have the freedom to use the negative space efficiently. Find a complimentary design scheme that gives you a uniform look. You can choose a similar color scheme for both the dining and living room so both look unified. The best part of using this concept is your room looks way bigger than you think.

Utilize Natural Light

Natural light is one of the most essential components of a modern living room design. Why? Because the natural light can make your room look airier and brighter. Concept your living room in a way the adequate natural light merges with the outdoor. Large glass windows, French doors, glass walls, and sliding glass doors work the best. You can adjust the intensity of your light too.

Neutral Color Palette for Small Space

If you have a small space, you can opt for a neutral color palette such as muted grey, beige or white. It is recommended because these color shades can make your room appear larger. This is because the color reflects the maximum light, which makes an illusion by creating a bigger space.

If you think the soft scheme looks monotonous, you still can break it by adding pops of color. Create a focal point such as on the walls or furnishings like artworks, cushions, rugs, and many more. You only have to make sure that the colors complement each other.

Sleek Furniture Always Help

Basic Guidelines For Creating Modern Living Room Design
credit by: Architectural Digest

Remember to choose minimal, comfortable, and sleek furniture pieces. Try to avoid ornate furniture if you want to create a modern look. Some materials like natural fabrics and leatherwork best in this case.

Have A Built-in Storage

For a clutter-free living room, choose furniture pieces with built-in storage. Besides helping you save more storage, the built-in furniture also can be used to store anything that doesn’t need to be seen every day. For instance, you can choose a bookshelf, a couch with hidden storage, a TV unit with drawers, and many more.

Metallic Finishes

Do you know that metallic finishes can create a modern look? This is a modern and high-end decor that you can create effectively. You can create polished metallic finishes like chrome within mirror frames, steel tables, or even pendant lights. Another way to use it is on the cabinet handles, door knobs, or photo frames.

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