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A highlight appears from the famous songsters Rihanna and her partner Asap Rocky. The two lovebirds have lately been spotted enjoying their trip to Barbados. Amid their joyful remark and photos on the beach, the unwelcome greeting awaits the man in America. Asap Rocky was arrested immediately after reaching the LAX airport for assault with a deadly weapon.  

Barbados Break Before Arrest 

The joyful days and holidays in Rihanna’s home country, Barbados, were spotted by the paparazzi. Rihanna, a 34-year-old singer, and songwriter appear relaxed with a red ensemble beautifying her burgeoning baby bump. At the same time, the man of Rihanna, ASAP was seen having fun riding a jet sky nearby. The man takes the trip on Tuesday to continue their vacation. 

Based on a report and Dailymail news on Rihanna and Asap Rocky, the singer and songwriter appear relaxed with her striking scarlet halter bikini top. To complement her look and big baby bump, Rihanna adds a summery ensemble with a gold chain on her neck. Taking easy on her trip, the singer also wears a flip flop and a miniskirt. 

Before Asap Rocky arrested case, the man was seen to have his fun and time in Barbados. He casually rides a jet ski for the seaside trip. Wearing a life jacket while riding, the man looks has no-fuss during his trip. Meanwhile, Rihanna waits on shore with her binoculars intake to keep an eye on the beloved rapper. 

ASAP Rocky Taken Into Custody 

After the trip, an unwelcome greeting comes to Asap. The rapper, 33, was reportedly arrested a day after the trip report. It was on Wednesday, April 20, when he flew back from Barbados. He was taken into custody at LAX airport after he landed from Barbados, where he and Rihanna spent their time enjoying a beachside trip. 

The arrest brought uproar and headlines since it was associated with a deadly weapon assault case. A report by US Weekly told the reason and background story of the arrest. It is also a statement shared via Twitter about Asap Rocky’s arrested headline. Moreover, the Los Angeles police department confirms that the arrest is real and justified. 

Asap Rocky Arrested (sumber
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ASAP was taken into custody in connection to a shooting that take place in November 2021, an old case. The police department says that the 33 years old Rakim Mayers, or ASAP Rocky allegedly got into an argument with a Hollywood figure. The argument escalated, and the rapper reportedly fired a handgun at the victim who sustained a mirror injury. 

Not The First Arrest For ASAP

While the new headline of the deadly weapon assault charge is pretty shocking, it was not the first time Asap Rocky arrested. The man has some track records for several crimes. The man has to serve some time in jail in his 16s due to attempted murder. Rihanna’s sweetheart was also arrested for assault in 2019, and accused of cheating or controversy early this year. 

The unwelcome arrest for ASAP makes a headline over varying media. Moreover, it was not the first time ASAP was charged with different cases, including murder attempts, assault, and controversy during Rihanna’s pregnancy. Since Rihanna currently has a big bump on her tummy, hopefully, the situation did not escalate and the two can rejoice for the better. 

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