Apple Stop the iPod
Credit by Daily Express

An announcement made by Apple that it stops its music player, the iPod Touch, carrying to an end that a smart device highly admired for changing how people enjoy the music.

Initially launched in 2001, iPod could store one thousand tracks. Nowadays, there are over 90 million songs available on Apple’s streaming service. The same team designed the iPod Touch and they later invented iPhone that overshadowed the iPod fast.

Apple Stop the iPod
Credit by Daily Express

There have been various iPod models designed and sold over the years including the Shuffle and Nano – yet the iPod Touch released in 2007 is, in fact, the last model to stop being produced. According to Apple, it will still be available to buy the “while stocks last”.

According to Greg Joswiak, the senior vice-president of worldwide marketing at Apple, this gadget came with “refined how music is discovered, listened to, and shared.” iPod fans got to their social media to share what they thought on the news and their memories related with the music devices.

The first style of iPod was launched by Steve Jobs, the Apple boss, in typical Apple model in 2021 – with anticipation and hi symbol jeans and black turtleneck.

The rumors on the manufacturer stated to announce a new music player after “Hint: It’s not a Mac” invitation made for an event. Jobs said that music is a part of everyone’s life and music has been around forever and it will always like that.

A simple but big headline for the night was “1,000 songs in your pocket.” Over the years, many celebrities got their popularities behind the iPod including John Mayer, Oprah Winfrey and U2. BMW also introduced its first car entertainment system featuring a built-in iPod system that most car companies had started following within a few years only.

However, the tech analyst said the iPhone was inevitable to replace the iPod position. In this regards, Ben Wood, chief analyst at technology advisory firm CCS insight told BBS that it would finally mean the starting point of the end of iPod when Apple made the iPhone.

The iPod sales decline was related to the iPhone sales rises – like the change from digital to streaming, said Carolina Milanesi from Creative Strategies. She added, the iPod demise is maybe the best example of Apple that is not aware of cannibalizing its own products.

The iPod was not actually the first MP3 player available on the market just like iPhone which wasn’t either the first smartphone. However, the unique Apple design showed it was able to push the digital music required to tempt people away from cassette and CD players – and file-sharing. In 2021, tunes were shared faster on the platform than the record labels. This was the moment how the music industry was on its fight against illegal file-sharing.

The iTunes launch and iPod which was only short afterwards, were designed with a lifetime in the form of revenue for legally charged downloads. The Apple fortunes were also recovered to languish in a market majored by Windows PCs.

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