Android 13 Comes at I/O with RCS,
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The Google performance for Android 13 added updates for phones, more support for foldables and better integration with your laptop, TV, car, speakers and smart home devices.

On Wednesday, a fresh detailed look of Android 13 has come at Google I/O. It was announced that the new phone OS was back on February but would debut this autumn. The changes were made along with Android 12, offering more “Material You” personalization, advanced tools for security and privacy, more RCS messaging support, a revamped Google Wallet and better integrations with watches, TVs, Chromecast and smart home devices. The new software were added to make Android and Google’s vast software ecosystem more competitive with Apple’s wide portfolio of both software and services. The numbers are the proof.

Google shared the number of Android phone activations for the very first time, which surpassed one billion devices in 2021. According to Sameer Samat, the vice president of product management for Google Play and Android, there are now more than 3 billion active Android devices each month.

Those data, mixed with things like Samsung providing four years of major Android OS updates, place Google in a unique position. It should support a different kinds of old and new phones, tablets and foldables. Fortunately, Android 13 proves that Google is ready and eager to present customizable and up-to-date OS while also giving Android phones owners more experience in using many types of devices.

Some features highlighted by Google are the improvements to the existing features to support the features on more other countries.

Android 13 is currently in beta. You may look for further information the Google’s Android Beta website.

End-to-End Encryptions for RCS group chats on Messages

Google worked with phone manufacturers and carriers for the past few years to offer Rich Communication Services as a feature-rich alternative to MMS and SMS text messaging. This gives you support for high-quality images, messaging over Wi-Fi, a better group messaging experience and typing indicators to let you know when a person is typing.

Google Wallet and Wear OS

Google Wallet released in 2011 gets a number of updates and new functionality. Google Wallet is functioned to store digital versions of your important documents like transit passes, office badges, payment cards, vaccine records, student ISs, and boarding passes. It provides a quicker and more secure alternative to physical cards.

Emergency SOS Is Coming to Wear OS

Every time there is an emergency, the phones become vital very much. As a part of Android 12, Google comes with Emergency SOS to allow for getting help, contact a trusted person and share the emergency information even without uncloking the device. Google works to carry Emergency SOS to wear OS.

More Material You

One of the clearest changes in Android 12 was Material You. Essentially, Android adapts the way your home screen and app icons appear depending on the colors on your wallpaper pictures. For Android 13, Google introduces premade color that sets for users who want something different like choosing the color scheme.

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