Amber Heard Fired Her PR Days Before Testimony
credit by: Daily Mail

Days before scheduled to give her testimony, Amber Heard fired her PR team and hired a new one. She dropped her PR team after she became frustrated with the ‘bad headlines’ during the defamation trial which is brought by his ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Before Heard was represented by the Precision Strategies she ditched and switched to LA-based consulting firm, Shane Communication in the hope she will receive more favorable coverage this week, the moment she is scheduled to take the stand and testify.

An unnamed source told the New York Post that she didn’t like the bad headlines. And another source confirmed that she was frustrated with her story for not being told effectively.

Amber Heard Fired Her PR Days Before Testimony
Credit by: Daily Mail

Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard in 2019 for a defamation case, referring to herself as a victim of domestic violence in an article published in a Washington Post op-ed which she wrote by herself. Though she didn’t name Johnny in the article, it seems obvious that what she was talking about was referring to Depp.

The trial itself brings so many headlines over the past three weeks resulting a negative perception of Heard. For instance, when Depp testified that Heard or one of her friends had left human fecal on their bed after he broke up with her. Heard initially denied and told the fecal was from the Dog, but Depp refused to accept it due to the fact the dogs are weighing 4 pounds each.

Another shocking thing is about Depp’s finger. Depp testifies that Heard had thrown a glass of vodka bottle at him which sliced his finger in 2015. Meanwhile, Heard denied the claim and said the injury was caused by himself.

The Pirates of the Caribean star is suing Heard for $50 for this case, and Heard is countersuing with $100. And after sitting for three weeks in the courtroom, she is now preparing herself to fight back which is possibly scheduled on Wednesday.

The PR switch was done days before testimony due to bad headlines against her. Besides, Heard credibility as a philanthropist is questioned after a claim that she didn’t donate her $3.5 million divorce settlement to charity. This was something she publicly promised to do.

Another fact also revealed the actress donated the $1.3 million to charity most of the fund came from her ex-boyfriend, Elon Musk. Terence Dougherty told the court that the $500,000 came from the Vanguard fund which is related to Elon Musk. She explained further that Heard’s contribution dried up by 2019 and learned that she was having financial difficulties.

Amber Heard’s image is affected further by a rumor that her appearance in Aquaman 2 will be reduced to less than 10 minutes. In recent weeks, it has been a lot of attention during the trial and a petition to remove Amber Heard from the project has reached more than 2 million.

The number of signatures is still going up which means there are many people who are unhappy about Heard’s involvement in the project. While the studio has wrapped the project, it is impossible to completely remove her so the only solution is probably to almost remove her from the film. Even though there is still no confirmation about this, it is a big deal for her image.

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