Alibaba’s Freshippo still Takes Efforts To Meet Shanghai
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SHANGHAI, APRIL 24 (Lifeofrubin) – On Sunday, Alibaba’s supermarket chain Freshippo stated that it was adding more couriers to meet the Shanghai high demand. However, it couldn’t catch up the increasing needs of locked-down residents as the city puts fight against a surge in COVID-19 cases. While this is an effective solution for the issue, Freshippo still needs to take efforts.

A Vice president at Alibaba Group’s (9988.HK0 Freshippo, Shen Li, told reporters on Sunday that it still needs to take hard efforts though the company’s delivery capacity had its 60-70% recovery from the pre-outbreak levels as more couriers were already permitted to work on the road. This shows the corona virus pandemic impact has not yet fully gone to normal.

Alibaba’s Freshippo still Takes Efforts To Meet Shanghai
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She said “The biggest challenge we are facing now is that the demand and numbers of orders from consumers has increased by about two or three times compared with pre-outbreak levels, “

In relation to fight against Covid-19, China has locked down over 25 million residents for more than 21 days especially when the country faced the largest outbreak since the first spread virus in Wuhan in the end of 2019. Most supermarkets and stores were closed and residents were strongly forbidden to walk out of home. Nearly all the economic sectors were blocked to operate to help prevent the virus spread.

This was the time for Alibaba’s Freshippo come into play. After most supermarkets and all the shops were closed across the city, residents made online purchase to get food and other stuffs though they still faced problems dealing with the regulations. Shanghai authorities have claimed they are trying to provide easy access but it remains a key public depression.

Many residents have told they almost woke up as early as 5 in the morning to try and grab any of the opportunities about to slots from online grocers such as Freshippo. Unluckily, all is just too fast to be sold out. This is one of the residents compliance about inability to reach the volumes required to guarantee the orders. As solution, Freshippo and other vendors have released bulk-buying purchase schemes.

Shen Li said Freshippo had already 47 stores open for online deliveries in Shanghai and it also had managed up to six extra ad hoc warehouses for the city. This action was taken in response to the problem with inter-province supply chains. This was how Alibaba’ Freshippo used technology to find a way of meeting Shanghai demand that increased significantly.

On these stores, there are about 5,000 staffs recruited to work while there are also 1,000 staffs working from home, Shen added.  

For further efforts in the future, there seems a big opportunity that Alibaba will find more other technology-based invention that allows residents to purchase their basic needs. That is not only as the result of pandemic impact in the country’s economic sectors but also the way people enter digital years and live digitally.

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