A Quick Guide On How To Decorate Your House
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Decorating a house can be overwhelming but if you do it correctly, you can do whatever you want. Even when you are on a budget. Whether you want to remodel your home, or just do a little bit of restructuring, this quick tip will help you.

How To Find Your Decorating Style

The “Style and Error” technique is very fundamental and common for a beginner. This means your keep searching for the right style. The process probably cannot be systematic as you imagine because the “style and error” technique will always evolve throughout your life. Each phase or new life requires you to reinvent new ideas and styles and ridiculously it is the fun part.

Always Create A Design Brief

It is crucial to follow a process. It always starts with a design brief that helps you to focus on certain aspects. The design brief is the scope of work that includes details that need to be covered in your project. It is also a shopping list about what you need and want, budget, timeline, and ideas.

You can draw inspiration from various sources. You can start with a magazine to find ideas and keep up to date with the latest trend.

Utilize Sample

Don’t underestimate samples. A sample is very useful when you begin a project. A sample of the pot, brush-out, catalog, and cutting for example are worthy of consideration. Besides, a sample is also worthy for choosing another material too. You need at least two samples for your project. One is to be used for color reference and texture and the other one is saved in your master file. Why do you need to do that? Because who knows in the future will need all the important code when you want to start a remodeling project.

Another tip to try is when you buy fabric, you can order 3 or 4 meters of fabric which is used as your insurance policy. When something happens out of your control, you can recover it. If you also have pets, order extra fabric to change the cover of the sofa and chair when it is broken.

Layer Your Lighting

A Quick Guide On How To Decorate Your House
Credit by: Homes and Gardens

A good interior often has layered lighting. You can control it differently based on your needs and moods too. Besides, most rooms also require three types of lighting which are accent, task, and general.

Always Try Before Buying

Many stores will allow you to take rugs and artwork to try before buying them. It is because such things are impossible to make the right choice at the first pick. Use this chance to check if your choice will not cause a disaster in your design project.

Understand Your Space

This is the first rule to knowing when you are planning to design a house. The easiest way to do it is by mocking it up with a large room. You can include key items like furniture or use pieces that resemble the volume. The purpose of this work is to figure out what you need.

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