A Beginner Here Is How To Maximize Your Home Decor
Credit by: This Old House

The home designer knows how to play up your house’s flaws and strengths to make it more appealing. No matter how big your house is when you know how to pick the right furniture, place them, decorate the wall and pick the accessories, your home will look more luxurious. To help you maximize your potential, we have some decorating tips that you can follow.

Set The Tone At The Front Door

This might be very classic, but this can add a dramatic look to your house view from the outside. If you want to make a good impression, painting the front door with a glossy hue is the best. In many cultures, painting the door red is acceptable. Other colors you can apply are orange or yellow. These colors are associated with warmth and joy. An outdated screen door should be thrown away and replaced with a storm door with full-length glass.

Always Paint The Wall With Neutral Hue

Are you designing and decorating a room, then you have to stick to the beige and gray colors. This applies to the floor to minimize jarring transition. Besides, by having neutral walls, you have the greatest flexibility which allows you to put any accessories. Additionally, if you have two small rooms which are next to each other, painting them with the same neutral color will make them look bigger. Check the paint strip and move up or down a shade to have a subtle variation.

Create A Nice Balance

Think about a lobby where the furniture is arranged in a way like a group conversation. If you are placing the furniture, aim for this purpose. You can try the U-shape where the sofa and two chairs face each other, or H-shape with the sofa facing directly across the two chairs with the coffee table in the middle.

Remember also to not push all the furniture against the wall only to make the room look bigger. Well, this is a misconception.

Natural Light In The Kitchen

A Beginner Here Is How To Maximize Your Home Decor
Credit by: HGTV

Windows are better than everything. But when it comes to the window dressing, make sure it is functional and elegant. If your room gets more natural light, think about items that won’t fade. Some of the recommended fabrics are linen, silk, and panels.

Mirror In Every Room

Do you know that mirror can make the space feel brighter? It is because the mirror bounces the light around the room. However, when you place it in the wrong position, this can bring a disaster. To avoid that, you can place a mirror on the wall perpendicular to the windows. So, it is not accessible from it.

Place An Artwork

It is ridiculous to put a small artwork too high on the wall. When a person is too short, that will be inconvenient. Try to take a scale into account. For example, if you have a large wall, then go for an oversize artwork or, you can group smaller artworks and place it in a way it looks great.

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