8 Ways To Have Fun With Rugs When Decorating A Room
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Rugs have been a mainstay of decor for thousands of years. Often, it has been the savior in home decor and absorbing noise. This is an excellent insulator too to cut down the heating bills. Year by year, this fluffy carpet have evolved with various dimension, texture, and styles. This is the reason why designers never skip this item to optimize the room potential. It can set boundaries, and define zones too.

Just add a rug to a room, and it will create a dramatic change. However, you still need to be careful about choosing a rug as it will affect the whole room visually. Here are some ways to decorate a room with rugs.

Utilize Rugs To Define Areas

A rug is a good idea to separate areas such as dining areas and seating areas. If you have a small room and want to make subtle changes, rugs can be used.

Variety! Variety! Variety!

8 Ways To Have Fun With Rugs When Decorating A Room
Credit by: goodhousekeeping.com

Rugs can also be used as a variety in your room. However, be careful that you might visually just cut the room in some parts. If you want to create a variety of spaces, for example, use different shapes of rugs to create balance and avoid boring looks.

Create Harmony

When using more than one rug, it is crucial to create harmony so the design can complement each other. If not, you will just create an unpleasant effect. Avoid using too many patterns in the room to make have a balanced look.

Do Extend Rugs Under The Furniture

When choosing an area rug, it must extend under all the furniture. For instance, in a living room, the rug should be large enough for the chair and table even when the chair is pulled out of the table.

Do Not Skimp On Size

These are the number one mistakes that people do. Decorating an area with a rug shouldn’t be too skimping. Well, this is understandable because the price can be more expensive. However, when you go for a big rug, this will save you from a big disaster.

Cover High Traffic Areas

You can also use a rug to cover high traffic areas such as between the dining table and kitchen sink. However, if you do this, make sure you cover the entire floor so it doesn’t feel awkward with one foot on the floor and one foot on the rug.

Go Bigger With The Bedroom

If you expect a good result from a small rug under your bed then it will never happen. This will just make you end up stepping on a hard and cold floor in the morning. Therefore, this is important to measure the room and the bed before purchasing.

Your rug should be large enough which means it should be beyond the bed. At least 12 inches for a double bed and 18 inches for a king or queen bed.

Explore More With Color And Pattern

Area rugs are the best tools to play with patterns and colors, so try to enjoy and embrace them when you are shopping. You have plenty of options available. If you don’t like your rugs after a couple of years, you still can get a new one.

So, what do you think? If you can maximize the room to the next level by just using a rug, then why not?

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