8 Footprints To Follow When Decorating Using Acessories
credit by: Bethany Nauert

It is amazing how furniture can play a big role. Designers can use lighting, throw pillows, rugs, and others to decorate the room whether creating a simple room or not. They know how to make a huge impact for a simple room by just using these items. Unfortunately, sometimes accessories and small items can break a space. If you are not careful, this can take over the house.

When you pick the right accessories, you can complete a room with excellent style and finesse. Now, achieve this level by following our footprints.

Find the Right Color Scheme

8 Footprints To Follow When Decorating Using Acessories
Credit by: D2 Interieurs

The key to making accessories work is the color. You can use a modern painting, blanket, a pom-pom pillow, and others but make sure the color is matched to combine. Try pink, orange, and purple to create a unique element for a girl’s bedroom. For boys, you can use blue, grey and white.

Try to Layer It

Play with layers! You can use flowers, candlesticks, or black and white photos to create elements of depth. To make a glamorous look, you can add metallic items, mirrors, and small lamps too.

Create Negative Space

Sometimes we just need to be a little bolder with layer, texture, and color. However, you need to make sure to leave space so your vignette has breathing room. Let’s take an example. You can combine vibrant arrows, abstract paintings, gilded candles, and colorful prints. This is a good combination when you combine it with white framing and walls.

Stick with One Finish

If you hate clutter and want a more luxurious look, you can keep it simple but choose a metallic color. A group of accessories in that finish is interesting to display. However, you need also to use different shapes and sizes for example you can use candlesticks, vases, and statues to create a glamorous look.

Use Books

8 Footprints To Follow When Decorating Using Acessories
credit by: Bethany Nauert

Don’t underestimate the power of books when it comes to decoration. Combine the books with other elements such as a vase or other accessories. Stack it horizontally to add height or vertically to create borders. It is very pleasant to see a good book on the shelve with two functions at once.

Believe in Numbers

Now, recheck your collections and gather them together. sort them out and see which one is still worth on a display. Don’t forget to place something as a focal point for example you can use globes among books and other accessories.

Trust the Right Proportions

No matter how good your accessories are, the proportion is everything. A tiny piece of photograph on a large wall will make the art smaller. Consider the right size, color, and texture. When you blend all of them, this should create harmony.

Why Not Trying To Fashion the Framework?

One of the most inexpensive and versatile tools at home is a tray. It is perfect to combine with any kind of accessories. However, you still need to stick with the combining rules to make an interesting vignette.

So, what do you think? You can have a beautiful room with some designers’ tricks. Easy, right?

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