6 Decorating Rules For Beginners That You Must Know.
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When it comes to decorating, the rules often change. And it always depends on the trends. For you who are new to decorating, this can be an overwhelming task. You must always go with any creative ideas and smart decisions along the way. However, decorating is not always a daunting task. There are a few foolproof tips that can help you make sure your design reaches its full potential. Follow some basic tips below.

Consider To Hang Art At The Correct Height

One of the biggest mistakes amateurs does is hanging an art incorrectly. This includes the wrong size. Consider the wall size before putting art or a photograph. Big art on a smaller wall can overpower the room. Besides, hanging arts or photographs should be six to nine inches above the furniture.

If there is no furniture, you need to make sure the middle of the artwork is on eye level which is about 57 inches. Besides, ensure you leave around two or three inches between artwork or photographs to give a room.

Don’t Be Afraid To Explore Your Skill

It is important to avoid being too uniform. Buying a matching furniture set might be very convenient. However, you will just make your room looks like a catalog. Avoid matching the color of the coffee table to the TV stand. This leaves the room looking flat and boring. Try to mix up furniture that coordinates by adding a variety of shapes. For example combining a rectangular media cabinet, square end table, and round coffee table.

Hanging A Mirror To Add Light

6 Decorating Rules For Beginners That You Must Know
Credit by: Organizedmom

It is not a secret that a mirror can save your room. Even you can hang it in every room in the house. Mirrors really do the trick. it can make the room feels larger if you put it opposite the window. This can reflect the natural light that makes the room looks bigger. Some other tricks you can try are putting it above the console table, over the bedroom dresser, as part of the gallery wall, and above the living room sofa.

Bigger Windows Do The Trick

The height of the curtains actually can make or break the room. If you hang the curtain too low, the whole window will look cramped. To make it do the trick, hack the curtain rod higher than the window. Even you can go higher a few inches.

For width, to make to room looks bigger, you can expand the rod beyond the size of your window. By doing this, you are creating an illusion that the window is big.

Group of Three

If you accessorize the console table, bookshelf, and mantle, try to stick to the group of three. When it comes to grouping, using the rules of odd numbers is the best. Besides, you also have to vary the height of each piece to create harmony.

Stick To Classics For Large Pieces

In decorating world, trends often come and go. Try to not waste a lot of money on something that will be out of style. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot have fun with trendy items. Just try to stick to the smaller accessories.

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