5 Excellent Color Combination for Small Kitchen
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One of the biggest challenges is decorating the small kitchen. There is so much stuff you need to place in this area from cabinetry, arranging the kitchen island, and placing other kitchen stuff. When you want to decorate a small kitchen, you want it to be tidy with minimal stuff you can declutter your kitchen when you have time. Somehow, there is a little factor that often bothers most homeowners. It is a color! The color choice often becomes a tricky part as it changes the whole kitchen mood.

When choosing a color, make sure it will not feel claustrophobic. You can try certain colors like cool whites, beachy pastels, warming earth tones, and other primary colors that are used in the kitchen. No matter what color you are using, the color should not distract you from cleaning and cooking tasks, and of course, it should make the kitchen feel larger. For more ideas, you can try the following combination.

Bright White, Navy Blue, and Leather Brown

Who says you cannot use dark colors? With a small kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you cannot play with dark colors. To avoid an overwhelming feeling, you can use deep tones like navy blue and combine them with plenty of bright white. For instance, you can use the dark blue on the kitchen islands and cabinetry and then pair it with white tile backsplash, and white fixtures.

Wood Finishes, Warm White and Olive Green

5 Excellent Color Combination for Small Kitchen
Credit by: BHG

Pulling in nature will add a refreshing color to a small kitchen. Start with the warm white, natural wood, and earthy tones. Olive greens are perfect for creating the natural feel making it look organic while it looks contrasting with another dark hue.

Yellow, Egg Blue, and White

Another thing to enlarge your kitchen look is combining the bright colors. Let’s say the white ceilings, walls, and backsplashes will reflect the light perfectly so it creates a larger feel. For the walls and cabinets, you can choose the crisp white color and then layer the dishwasher with the egg blue. Consider painting the pantry door to create an accent or focal point.

Off-White, White, and Natural Wood Finishes

5 Excellent Color Combination for Small Kitchen
Credit by: BHG

If you always dream about the beautiful white kitchen, then go for it. To make the small kitchens look bigger, you don’t need to combine bold colors. Light colors often work much better if you know how to combine them. It creates an illusion of a bigger room. You can mix the buttery white, gray-toned white, and crisp white to make a seamless look. Then, you can add warm wood cabinets and floors for an inviting vibe.

Stainless Steel, Gray, and Scarlet

If you want to play with more colors, you can use the red tones. They are good for small kitchen because it stimulates appetite and invites conversation. You can combine it with cool gray and also a shiny metallic surfaces like stainless steel colors to make it look sleek. For instance, you can balance the cabinetry with the polished countertops, some light-reflective elements and stainless steel fixtures.

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