Pentax K-1 Mark II
Credit by Ricoh Imaging

As stargazing might be tiring, capture cosmos! Consider having the top rated astrophotography cameras 2022 that enable you to shoot for the stars and other things at outer space. Such cameras will also allow you to explore the heavens above that the telescope cannot do.

These cameras are designed not only with the bespoke sensors for cutting solar radiation and bespoke GPS functions following the stars moving but also uncover the secrets to shoot the incredible photographs along with the variety and details that other cameras simply aren’t able to.

Below are the camera astrophotography cameras 2022 options you can look for when making a purchase.

Canon EOS Ra

Though there have been a plenty of dedicated astrophotography cameras over the years, the only model that are currently available on the market for sale is Canon EOS Ra. This tech product is created as a special edition with the standard EOS R mirrorless camera in which 30.3MP image sensors are completed with the modified IR filter array to accommodate quadruple amount of hydrogen alpha rays. This allows the camera for capturing not only the details but also the deep red hues of nebulae.

astrophotography cameras 2022
Credit by AstroBackyard

Canon EOS Ra is compatible with Canon EF (DSLR) lenses that use an affordable adapter, offering a much greater selection of glass at a lower prices.

Pentax K-1 Mark II

For shooting stars, cameras with mirrorless body is highly preferable. However, some best astrophotography cameras are still DSLR. The Pentax K-1 Mark II is one of the top rated cameras designed with 36.4MP full-frame sensor, in-body image stabilization (IBIS), weather sealing and the flexible angle rear screen.

Pentax K-1 Mark II uses GPS data to move the sensor to avoid the unwanted star trails when you mount it to a tripod. Thus, you can capture the long exposure shots without any unwanted star trails.

To shoot the start in the dark, select a Night Vision mode to turn the LCD screen red for optimization. Well, Pentax K-1 Mark II is a camera that’s the tailor innovated for some awesome astrophotography.

Sony A7S III

Sony A7S III comes with an astonishing low light performance. It is also the best in class video. Thanks to the ridiculous native ISO range of 80-102,400 that is featuring dual native ISO to boost the night vision. While most astrophotography cameras are designed with one native ISO, the A7S III has two native ISO that are ISO640 and ISO1600.

Sony A7S III
Credit by Infografi

The body is designed particularly for video. Nevertheless, this tech product is considered the best for filming stars. While EOS Ra has a monstrous thirty times magnification, the Sony has only a paltry 4x that enables the camera to focus a challenge especially when you have poor eyesight.

Final Words

In short, astrophotography cameras 2022 can help shoot the stars when stargazing is no longer interesting. Those tech products enable you not only to take the stars picture but also create videos. So you had better have one of the cameras to explore the living in outer space.

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