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Reaching half of the year, some car brands are running their teasers and details for their new 2023 editions. The same goes with the well-known premium car BMW. The brand has announced a new BMW 7 series with its seventh generation. As the 2023 BMW 7 series hit the internet, people were expecting more since it was the first time the car followed the BMW I7 EV series. 

The Gas Series Come With Two Version 

While BMW pushes toward electrification, the company still brings the classic Series 7 with a powerful machine inside. In this case, the two versions to launch come with two versions, base six-cylinder or V8. As a series 7, the car still takes the base 740i sports with a 3.0-liter six engines turbocharged machine and is upgraded with the 48-volt mild-hybrid assist. 

Those additions bring up a total output of 375 hp with 383 torque, but once the volt system is full tilt the car can skyrocket with 398 lb-ft torque. On the other hand, the second option comes with a 760i x drive model followed by a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 and a similar assist. In general, it produces 536 hp and 553 lb-ft torque to run around. 

The EV Only Comes With One Option 

Even though the 2023 BMW 7 series comes with two options, the EV only has one pick. However, it does offer a faster and more powerful machine to ride. BMW EV series is currently dubbed as i7 xdrive60. It comes with a powerful combination of a single battery pack of 101kw-hours and two electric motors. It gives 536 hp and 549 torque output. 

As an EV, the EPA is the key performance. In this case, BMW predicts an EPA performance reaching around 300 miles in the USA. The company also highlights the car’s full power charging can rate up to 195.0 kilowatts with the help of a DC fast charging station. With that juice up, the car can reach another 80 minutes under ten minutes of charge. 

Equally Visual Pleasing Design Inside Out

2023 BMW 7 Series (sumber greencarreports)
Credit by : greencarreports

Visually the car provides similar looks in one way to another. 2023 BMW 7 series appear as luxury sedans. The series 7 comes with large kidney grilles and split light fixture treatment on the headlight. It also has two elements LED near the hood to make it appear more regal. The electric option looks more aggressive with a bigger M sport wheel and accent. 

Inside, the new series 7 brings the latest Live cockpit plus from BMW with iDrive 8 software. Some curved displays and continuous glass dashboard make it shine. It also has a 12.3-inch digital instrument and 14.8 central touchscreen media. Another top rate addition on the Bowers and Wilkins diamond surround system ramps up the 2023 BMW 7 series’s price from around $95K to $120K for the EV. 

Which one do you want to pick? Both flaunt different charms. The new series 7 appears cool and strong with two powertrain options. It can produce 375 hp and 383 torque. Meanwhile, the i7 also has a big battery that brings a more powerful output racing up to 535 hp combined power. Visually both look cool but come at a different price to take. 

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