296 GTS Ferarri Convertible Hybrid
Credit by luxurylaunches.com

Ferrari is busy with their upcoming productions, and they are ready to launch their new 296 GTS Ferrari Convertible hybrid. They have even released the images of their new 296 GTS and also 296 GTS Assetto Fiorano sports ride in red and blue. What they would be like?

The New 296 GTS

It turns out that 296 GTS is designed as the convertible version of 296 GTB, and it’s going to be a hybrid. If everything goes as planned, this would be the fourth hybrid model from Ferrari. The company unveiled their plans back then in Tuesday, the 19th of April concerning their 296 GTS convertible. The luxury sports ride manufacturer keeps on going with their electrification planning.

This isn’t the first hybrid models created by Ferrari. They have made full production before, covering SF Stradale, SF90 Spider, and 296 GTB. The launch took place consecutively in 2019, 2020, and 2021. The 296 GTS is designed as the convertible version, complete with the retractable hard top. The 296 GTB itself had been known as a luxury vehicle whose price tag was set at around $324,000 or around €300,000.

The GTS Trims

Both of the GTS 296 and Assetto Fiorano share almost similar features, including the mid-rear V6 turbo unit that is paired with electric motor (122 kW) to generate a total output of 830 hp. It is able to cover 25 kilometers of destinations in electric only. Ferrari also claims that the top speed can reach 300 kilometers per hour.

Launch Date

Deliveries will start from Europe, and it may start from the beginning of 2023. Price tag is still unknown, but it’s possible that it may not be too far away from the regular version. Pricing details would be revealed close to the launch date

Performance and Power

Ferrari has regularly been using V8 unit or the extra strong V12 units for those super rides. But the company is thinking about reducing the V12 units due to emission regulations and the facts that it is responsible for pollution issue. They have started reducing the use of V12 and focusing more on the V8.

296 GTS Ferarri Convertible Hybrid
Credit by luxurylaunches.com

In the close future, the company is planning off another new model, which is the Purosangue or the Thoroughbred. This would be the first ever sport SUV from the company. It’s designed to compete against VW Lamborghini that has been existed and been present. Benedtto Vigna, Ferrari’s Chief Executive, said that they are sure that the Purosangue would be an impressive model that exceeds buyers’ expectations.

Vigna is a veteran in the tech industry, and he has been responsible for Ferrari’s development since last September. His main task is to shift the roaring sound from combustion units to cleaner and more silent electric technology. Ferrari wants to launch their full electric model for 2025 and Vigna states that technology partnership is required for their upcoming development.

Expect to learn more about the company’s electrification strategy on June the 16th. At that time, Vigna would present his business plan, and we can learn more about their 296 GTS Ferrari Convertible hybrid.

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